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09/06/2007 - 9:53 p.m.


Well, I realise that in the entry before the one about "Family Ties" I said I was going to talk about the dreams I've had recently. I guess I lied. I didn't mean to, and in any case, I'm saying about them now.

First I dreamt there was this parade, and this guy in the parade was all, you know, Snickers aren't very satisfying, and my sister and I heard him and we're all, that's not true. Snickers are totally satisfying. I dreamt this because there was a Snickers wrapper in our candy drawer. Actually, I don't eat Snickers anymore as I've developed an aversion to peanuts, but Maggie likes them, and they are satisfying.

Anyway, then I dreamt I was on SG-1. It was the original team, probably around 5th season (I don't think it was 4th since Teal'c didn't have that beard thing). Jack was in front of us facing north. Sam was on his left. Teal'c was on his right. Daniel was next to Sam and I was next to Daniel. There was a space next to Teal'c where another person could squeeze in since I was so close to Daniel you know. There was no space between him and me. So, anyhoo, Jack was saying maybe we should steal some technology, and I said that was a bad idea, and he was like, "Yeah, you're probably right." So we didn't steal the technology. I dreamt that because I inadvertently read a bit of the synopsis to "Shades of Grey". I'm pretty sure the technology Jack wanted to steal in my dream wasn’t from the Tollans, though (I know "Shades of Grey" happened in 4th season, I'm just saying).

So, then I dreamt I was watching "Bad Guys" again, but there was a scene in it where Daniel totally laughs! More than in TFO even! The idea of it was very nice.

Speaking of the idea of something being very nice: The next night I dreamt I was in bed with my angel. We were just holding each other and kissing. The last thing I remember was he looked at me and smiled. I was on the left side of the bed, and our heads were facing west, incidentally. The only problem with this dream is that, except for the last part, it didn't feel as real as I would've liked.

Another dream I had involved Wendy setting me up with this guy, which she would never do. He had fair skin, hair about the length of Daniel's in first season, but more messy, if you will. It was medium brown with platinum blonde highlights. He was wearing a bowling type shirt with flames on it, dark grey skater shorts, and I believe birkenstocks. He was probably about five' nine", which maybe not so coincidentally is Kurt's height. I don't remember what he looked like that well, or even if I was the least bit attracted to him, but we were at a store or something, and I told him he seemed like a nice guy, but I'm actually in love with someone else, and even though I can't get to him right now, I feel weird dating other people. Maybe in my dream I didn't realise I would feel weird about it, and that's wjhy I didn't tell Wendy, or perhaps I was afraid she wouldn't understand. I wouldn't try and explain my Daniel situation in depth to her in real life. I could have just told her I wasn't in the market to date, but oh well. I was a dream. In any case, the guy totally understood.

Then just a bit ago I dreamt something about writing a letter to Lya and sending her a peeled apple. I said in the letter how I love apples and many other fruits. Don't ask me how the letter got her. It was a dream. Then I dreamt something about missing watching old shows like "Bonanza" and "Gunsmoke", which isn't really true, but I was watching part of "Gunsmoke" in my dream, and Maggie didn't want to watch it, but she likes that show more than I do. It was odd.

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