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08/06/2007 - 9:43 p.m.

"Family Ties"

Well, I didn't hate this episode, but it was certainly not what I expected. It had this way about it in some scenes where I didn't always know if I was supposed to be laughing or just frustrated. Sort of like "The Royal Tennenbaums", though it was, admittedly, much better than that. Yeah, though. That doesn't work for me.

Now I'll talk about how I felt concerning what actually happens in the episode: It frustrated me that Jasek deceived Vala yet again. He seemed so insincere in the scene right before he gets on the ship, and I was hoping I was just reading him wrong, though I don't do that very often. I really think he has some sort of addiction. I imagine his delusion that Vala takes his insincerity in stride is to protect himself from having to actually change for her, but subconsciously he knows this isn't the case, hence the trinkets, which are a sort of apology. I feel like we could see him again, perhaps if the movie thing takes off, where they come out with a new SG-1 movie every so often. They’ll do that if “Ark of Truth” and “Continuum” do well. In any case, they may see him again, even if we don't. Perhaps Vala or someone will realise he needs intervention. Perhaps he'll realise it.

One sort of minor thing I didn't like, the fact that they actually shot the Jaffa. I don't know why Daniel wasn't given a zat. if it was in the interest of national security, that's pretty pathetic if you ask me. I mean, they didn't know who Jasek was working with. He could have been scamming some poor innocent schmuck. Not to mention if Jasek tried anything, Daniel would have to shoot and possibly kill him. They could have zatted the Jaffa and if he'd been human, dealt with all of that the way that goes, you know, otherwise drop him off at a far off but inhabited planet, maybe? I don't know. I'm just not so sure outright killing him was the best option. I feel the same way about the Jaffa at the end who are killed, except that thing about them possibly being human doesn't apply, obviously. I mean. it would be one thing if we were talking about an army, but there were hardly any of them. Though, to be fair, these jaffa had staff weapons pointed at Vala and her dad, and it's possible from where Daniel, Sam and Cameron were that zats wouldn't be as effective, so I understand that a lot better. It just seems like they used to use the zats a lot more often in these situations. Maybe not on Earth, but it isn't as though they were somewhere where someone would see them, and even if they were, no one except they would believe anyone who said they saw something like that, and of course they all would deny it. I know it could be problematic transporting the jaffa to another planet. I mean, there were enough to be a bit problematic, even if there were still very few. Yeah, I suppose it is less trouble just to kill them, but at least with the lone jaffa, I'm not certain it's fair. Still, the team certainly didn't have time to think about arguing protocol, and all those jaffa died quickly.

Referring to Daniel again, only in a more positive way. I noticed he was wearing that leather jacket he wears in "Bounty". I feel like I've seen it before that, but I'm not sure where. I wonder where the bomber jacket he received in "Icon" got to. Yeah, the outfits he wears are very similar in "Family Ties" and "Bounty". He likes to wear a lot of neutral tee-shirts and polos and such. I love how he looks in those shirts. They emphasise that stomach he has like. It's so beautiful. I adore his body shape. Also have to say, normally I'm not comfortable around leather, but I'd have no trouble totally being around Daniel, holding him and all while he was wearing either of those Jackets. I'd even wear them myself. I mean, my angel wears them!

Oh, it was neat seeing Dr. Lam's mum. Dr, Lam's eyes are mostly like her mum's, but a bit like her dad's, and her nose is just like her dad's. Her lips are like her mum's. Her overall face structure is mostly like her dad's, but the lower part of her face tapers like her mum's, though she has a chin like her dad. Overall she looks like a mixture of both parents.

Yeah, I know that doesn't matter. You may have noticed I have a thing about saying how much people look like their parents or not. Oh, Vala doesn't look much like her dad, of course, though her ears are similar to his.

Back to the episode: I found that thing about the “Eating Right For Your Eye Colour” book very funny, as it eluded to the “Eat Right For Your Blood Type” “diet”, which of course is a load of crap.

I also found the whole thing about the “‘Virginia’ Dialogue” quite amusing. Poor Teal’c! *laughs*

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