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2007-01-12 - 9:13 p.m.

New Year's Catch Up/SG-1 Worry

Happy new year! Well, maybe not so happy for some... Anyway, new years are over-rated. I mean, of course they're going to happen, but it isn't as though everything's suddenly futuristic. Also, technically, the new year really starts on March 1st. That's the first day of Spring. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. So, yeah. I don't know where this middle of Winter thing came about, but oh well.

Now for the good stuff: First off, I got Chasing Time: The Bedlam Sessions for the last day of Hanukkah, which is awesome, of course. Also, on th 7th Maggie and I saw "Night at the Museum". I love that movie! Not only is it way cool in the sense of what it has to do with, namely history, but the overall story was way cool, funny, had a good message, all that. Plus, Ben (Stiller) and Steve (Coogan) are in it. Especially Steve. He is so precious, though obviously nowhere hear as wonderful as my angel, not that anyone is. Which brings me to the end of this entry, which is actually not good...

I was reading an interview with Michael (Shanks) where he was mostly discussing the SG-1 movies, but he said something about the second half of 10th season which is quite frankly making me very nervous. He said that Daniel becomes a "kind of villain"! The "kind of" part makes me think that maybe it isn't as bad as it seems, and I mean, for God's sake, Daniel can't stay bad. He's not even Daniel that way. I'm still incredibly nervous about this, though, and I feel like a moron for reading the interview. I make it a point never to read anything that could contain spoilers. I don't know what made me read this interview seeing as those things always divulge just enough to drive you crazy worrying, but not enough to really know what's going to happen. At any rate, I know that Daniel is going to be sort of bad, regardless of whether he stays that way, and I don't like that. Of course, maybe that isn't really what's going on. Maybe he's not even going to be bad. Maybe it will just seem like it, and it's some sort of thing where he's working with a bad guy, or it seems like he is to some people, but I'll probably be able to tell what's actually going on. In any case, though, I don't know if he really could be bad for a bit, and if it's like a "Need" sort of thing, which I pray it isn't, he won't even be Daniel, and it makes me so anxious thinking that I may have to watch that. I mean, I have to wait until like July or something! I have seriously learned my lesson. No spoiler ever again. I don't care. Even if I don't mind finding stuff out ahead of time. I wouldn't actually care if I did read exactly what was going to happen, but as I've said, that's never the case. Anyway, it's better to see the episodes fresh with as little idea as possible about what's going to happen in them before you see them. I really believe that. I have for a long time. So it's ridiculous that I was thinking I didn't care. I probably would have regretted it even if I had learned the whole situation, but at least I wouldn't be so nervous! Yeah, though, this sort of thing happened before, and I guess I forgot, or wasn't thinking about how frustrating it was, but I'll remember now, and of course think, too, about the fact that I would rather not know anything about the upcoming episodes, or as little as possible, at least.

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