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14/12/2007 - 10:26 p.m. to 11:56 p.m.

Pandora/YouTube Interviews/Admiration/Maxie's Personality


Oh, my goodness! There is this thing called the music genome project, and there's this online radio station from that, Pandora, and so, yeah, you can put in an artist you love, and they'll play music that has to do with whatever song or artist or what you put. I have one for The Beatles and one for James. It is SWEET!!! I haven't really listened to the James one yet, but I'm sure it's awesome. The Beatles one sure is. Every song they play I love. You can rate the songs, so I guess they're still doing a bit of research, but as far as I can tell, they pretty well have it down.

Also, I found on YouTube (which I've become addicted to), an interview with Joe, one with Jim (who is adorable, incidentally) and one with Evan. That's the order in which I first watched them. I don't know why it says "sounbyte" on there. I wasn't even going to click on it cause I was saying to myself, "I don't want to just hear him, with a picture. I want to see actual video, too." Then I thought, who cares?! I mean, at least I'm hearing him! So, I clicked on it, and it was an actual video, and needless to say I was quite happy. The only problem with the interviews is that they're not long enough, and Joe's is the shortest (which figures).

I do so love what Joe says about Max. That is very true. Pretty well everything that happens in the movie that's important couldn't have happened if it wasn't for him. So, yeah.

Going back to what I was saying about Jim, in the parentheses: I'd never seen any interviews of him, but wow, is he precious! I'm definitely more attracted to him than Jude (though I am actually attracted to Jude). I feel like I'm more attracted to him than Joe, even though I admire Joe more overall (not that I just think Jim is cute, of course). I don't know, though, I mean the main thing I admire is what a person's into and all that, the way they think about things, and a lot of people are awesome, and have a fine way of thinking, but something about Joe... I mean, the thing is, the few people I super admire, I'm attracted to them, but unless I'm in love with a person (which is quite another kettle of fish altogether, really), when I'm in that way, I have this way of seeing those people I just respect so absolutely, that, save for certain situations, as it were, I don't really think so much about how attracted I am to them, if that makes any sense. For people I indeed respect, just not to that extent, it's not to the degree where I don't think about that so much. Yeah, I don't know if perhaps that sounds odd.

I of course particularly love seeing stuff of Maxie, but as far as the three people I super admire (John (Lennon), Joe (Anderson) and James (Blunt), for anyone who doesn't know), I really enjoy watching stuff of them. I love that feeling I get when I see someone I just respect so much, you know. Actually, I would say I respect and admire John more than anyone else who has ever lived on this particular earth, but Joe and James are obviously, way, way up there.

I just have to say real quick that I listened to some of my James Radio, and it is definitely way cool. I also just created a Fall Out Boy one, which is super awesome, as well.

So, talking about Max again: I love everything about him, but you know what I really love? His personality! Who he is at his essence reflects in the way he is, that presence. I love looking into his eyes because you see that, and I want to be around him constantly because of the way he is. I adore his personality. Man, I just can't get over how he is. I just, want to just spend every moment with him. I love kissing him and all, I mean, thinking about that, you know, because he's so beautiful, who he is, and I know I can feel that. He's just so incredibly wonderful. How he looks doesn't even matter. Well, I love that, because it is the way he looks, but yeah, seriously, he could have Elephant Man's disease and I'd still find him irresistible (of course, that would be sad, because of how other's would see him, but ultimately it wouldn't matter, because the important thing is how the people who love you see you, but yeah, there would still be times where it could get to him, so yeah, and there can be physical problems potentially with anything like that, as far as movement, even breathing, so yeah, I put too much thought into this sort of thing, but at any rate, I'm glad for his sake that isn't the case). I just love him so completely!
I never admitted this before, but that person I used to care about (I don't like to say I was in love with him, not true love anyway), there were times when he didn't seem as beautiful to me, and I never really did like his chin. I always said I would still love him if he looked different, but really, how could I have even loved him if I didn't like a part of him right there, you know? Yeah, though, That is certainly not the case with Maxie.

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