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10/11/2007 - 6:43 p.m. to 8:47 p.m.

Hannah-Miley and Jonas Bros/Seeing AtU Again!!!!/Max Shirt!!!


The Hannah Montan/Miley Cyrus concert was Thursday. I had a blast! She sang "Nobody's Perfect", which is my favourite Hannah Montana song, and I was dancing pretty well the whole concert! For an encore, Miley sang a song called "I Miss You", which is about her granddad who passed away (she called him her Pappy). It's an extremely touching song, and on the screen things there were pictures of Miley with her Pappy. It was extremely touching and made me cry. It was interesting because every other concert I've been to, the last song was fast paced. This was an interesting change, but a nice end to the concert, which of course was too short! Though part of that was because we got there late, and missed the first part, which was the Jonas Brothers, which would have majorly sucked, except that they came on later, and sang that awesome party song with Hannah, plus "The Year 300". I'm sure they sang "Kids of the Future" when they first came on, which is my favourite song from them (even if it's essentially a redone version of Kids in America, which I also love but not as much, actually), but that's okay. I may even get a chance to see them in concert again, so, yeah, you never know. (Oh, I had a dream about meeting the Jonas Brothers, and Kevin, who's my favourite, gave me a hug; it was very cool). Yeah, though, the concert still seemed super short even considering the fact that I missed part of it. Yeah, though, it was a lot of fun!

So, okay, something else even more wonderful!!!! I'm going to be able to see "Atu" again!!!!! I wanted to see it at least fifteen times, and I'm going to see it four times on Tuesday!!! Yeah, I was thinking that Maggie wanted to see it each time, but she said she didn't mind, my just seeing it, and it's not that far, really. I actually wanted us to see it together one more time, so that I'll see it by myself three times (as many as there are letters in Max's name, obviously), but that's happening, too. So, yeah, we do have a bit to spare, Oh, and Dad actually has to drive us, as Maggie still has to get another car, so Maggie will see the movie once with me, then go with Dad and hang out wherever, then they'll pick me up after I've seen the movie three more times. So, yeah, as far as that, Maggie will compensate Dad for the petrol anyway, and again, it's really not that far.
The main reason I need to see it fifteen times (if possible, which it is, of course) is that I wanted it to be the movie I saw more than any other, as I know no other movie will ever surpass it. The last film I saw the most was "The Wedding Singer". I love that, but it's not even one of my total favourite movies. I have to see AtU fourteen times so that I've seen it one more than "The Wedding Singer", then, once more after that so I've seen it as many times as there are letters in Max's full name.

So, yeah, super happy about that!!!

Oh, I found a Max shirt on eBay Express! Ach! Yeah! I don't all the pictures on it, really, but they're not that bad. I need to find out about sizing and such, but yeah, getting the shirt as soon as I can. I won't be able to get in time to see the movie, but that's okay.

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