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13/08/2007 - 1:43 a.m.

Didn't Mean To Lie/More On Play Actors/Restaurant/Left Side Sleeper/Simpsons Movie


So, obviously I lied when I said I'd say more about the play tomorrow, because it's been six days. I didn't mean to. I just wasn't able to get to making another entry until now.

At any rate, what else I wanted to say about the actors: The guy who played Dr. Van Helsing, Alan Blumenfeld (and "Blumenfeld is a very cool last name, I have to say) has been on CSI. Also, the programme lists the actors from other plays, and for "Blithe Spirit", in the role of Charles Condomine, Mark Bramhall caught my eye. He happens to have been in an episode of "24", but I'm pretty sure it's one I haven't seen, so go figure.

Well, before we went to the play, we ate at this restaurant called the Inn Of the Seventh Ray, and it looks exactly like the name implies. The food is also rather on the pricey side, but, oh, my, god, so worth it! I had two appetisers (cheaper than ordering an entree, plus I felt more like one particular entree than anything else): The goat cheese stuffed portobello mushrooms (that's what I really wanted) and the smoked salmon appetiser (which I got mainly because the mushrooms weren't quite filling enough, delicious as they were). Both were spectacular, but the mushrooms were definitely the most delectable. Oh, and for dessert, Chocoless Cappuccino Cake with lavender ice cream and caramel sauce. Wow. I just have to say, this is made with carob instead of chocolate (the owner doesn't like using chocolate for some reason, but you really don't miss it), and I always thought carob had to be nasty, not really like chocolate at all, but if no one told me that dessert was not real chocolate, I seriously would have no idea. It was heavenly! It was even better with the caramel sauce, and the ice cream on the top. Yum, yum, yum!

I've been thinking about which side of the bed guys like to sleep on, I mean individually, because obviously not all of them like to sleep on the same side, though it seems like a slightly larger percentage prefer the left side (according to if they are sleeping on their backs). Daniel prefers the left side (and he likes to sleep on his back. Funny thing about that, I am a left side sleeper, but I tell you what, I would have no problem giving him that side of the bed. Besides, I would be so up against him as we slept (I'm a isde sleeper anyway) it would practically be like we were both on the left side.

Almost forgot. I saw "The Simpsons Movie". It was very cool, all in all, but I think they should have gone more into the situation with Marge and Homer. The resolution felt incomplete, but oh well.

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