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20/02/2007 - 10:15 a.m.

Shows and Movies

SG-1 is playing four times every Tuesday and twice every Friday on Sci-Fi these days. It's also still on the other weekdays, and on Fox and UPN on Saturday and Sunday respectively. That's still not enough, though, and coming up it will be even less, because 6th season is right around the corner. At least I'll be seeing "The Changeling" again fairly soon.

Now, shockingly, I'm actually going to talk about stuff that has nopthing to do with Daniel or SG-1, well, SG-1 only in the fact that I'm going to talk about other television shows I like, but I'll also be talking about movies. First off: "Jump In!". This is my favourite DCOM. It's actually one of my favourite movies, period. It gives me a really good feeling (again how I talk mostly about how things make me feel, not so much about the basics, as it were), and the soundtrack is awesome. "The Cheetah Girls 2", and farther back, "High School Musical" are also great, but I don't love them the way I do "Jump In!". Still, if I'd seen them in the theatre I would have been glad I did. I think DCOMs are getting better overall. There were exceptions before (my favourite being "Don't Look Under the Bed", but mostly, unless the movie had a very specific emotional or political message, it would be okay but not something I'd be willing to pay money to see. "The Cheetah Girls" and "Life is Ruff" are the worst. I mean, at least the other movies are watchable, but again, mostly, not that great overall, and again, that definitely seems to be changing.

At any rate, Another movie I like a lot, though not as much as "JumP In!", also it's older: Re-animated. I feel like I mentioned that movie already, but I can't find anything about it in any of the entries where I could have mentioned it. At any rate, that movie is really kooky cool. I like Crocco the alligator a lot. I would get a toy of him.

Now about two shows on Nickelodeon: "The Naked Brothers Band", and "Just Jordan". "The Naked Brothers Band Movie" is way cool, and so is the show. It's actually funny. Also, wow, those brothers are talented! I'm writing songs now that are as good as the ones Nat writes (Alex writes some, too, but it is mostly Nat, but then Alex plays the drums like someone nearly four times his age), and I'm nearly thirty. He's barely ten! I hope they have an album available soon, because I would definitely get it (though I wouldn't listen to it nearly as much as I do James' music, of course). The last thing for this, "Just Jordan", that is another Nickelodeon show which, surprisingly, is actually cool. Lil' JJ has real charisma. His friends are likeable, none of it is too overboard, even the adults are portrayed as smart (going back to NBB real quick, their dad is portrayed as a bit "off" with things, but it's sweet, he's not made to seem like a complete moron, or like he truly has no idea what's going on, like with most adults on the majority of Nickelodeon shows). If someone had told me before I saw anything about NBB and JJ that I would actually enjoy two live television shows that are on Nickelodeon, I never would have believed it, but there they are.

So, Adult Swim has live action shows now: "Saul of the Mole Men" and "Tim and Eric Show, great job!" They we both very quirky funny but Tim and Eric's show is my favourite of the two. They are awesome!

"Bonanza" has become one of those shows that I have to watch to have a good day (generally). I love this show so much! I would so watched it when it was actually on. It has really good lessons and engaging characters. I think it's been a bit under-rated. Nowhere near as bad as "Avatar", but still. Sometimes it isn't as good later, I'll admit, when you don't see the Ponderosa as much, and there are all these episodes with people I don't know or care about, but overall "Bonanza" was/is a super great show. Of course, my favourite thing about any show I love is the characters, and "Bonanza" is no exception. I think my very favourite is Ben. He reminds me of Grissom, who is my favourite character on CSI. Hoss is a close second, though.

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