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2005-08-24 - 2:41 p.m.

Beachhead (spoilers), Dena, Mum's B-day, Dreams

Wow! I have a lot of catching up to do!
I will work my way forward. So, first off, Sam's back!!!! People were saying she doesn't quite seem herself, but I think it's just that she needs to get her SG-1 legs back, as it were. I mean, she's been on Prometheus for like the past year and a half or something. Oh, wow! Vala's gone! Just when I start actually liking her! The Powers That Be are shrewd! Of course, I doubt very much this is the last we'll be seeing of her, but still...
*sighs* I LOVE that little smile Daniel gives at the very end of the episode. I was just like, "God, I love that man!"

Anyway, Maggie and I visited our friend Dena this past Tuesday through Friday (but obviously we got home in time for SG-1). We had a lot of fun hanging out. Dena knows I love Daniel, but I don't think she realises how I truly feel about him. I'm sending her a letter explaining how I came to fall in love with him, but I think unless I actually spell it out, she probably won't get it. I mean, it doesn't occur to most people to think that when a friend of theirs says they love a "fictional" character, they mean it in the actual sense of being in love with them.

My mum's birthday was Sunday. She, Wendy, Maggie and I, and Wendy's daughter Mara all went to 'The Daily Grill' for lunch. The food was delicious, definitely worth the price as far as I'm concerned, and Mum got her entree free!

Man, you know, when I was "in love" with Kurt, or even Jen, or Matthew for that matter, I never had any dreams which would indicate my love for them was more than superficial. In fact, with Kurt, I actually had a few dreams about him which made me question whether or not I really loved him as much as I thought. At the time, of course, I brushed it off, but it's quite obvious to me now that my subconscious was trying to tell me something. I dream about Daniel every night, and those dreams reflect how much I love him. The last couple, one I couldn't get to him because of a force field, I pleaded with the persons operating the force field to let me through. They finally did, I ran to Daniel, and woke up. In my most recent dream, someone (I believe it was actually my sister) asked me to point out who I really love (you see, I had all these posters on my wall of all these different guys I've had crushes on, cool guys, but I'd never decorate my walls like that now). So I kept seeing all these other pictures, and I was like, "No, no, where's a picture of Daniel? He's who I really love!" Of course, the definitive indication that my love for Daniel runs deeper than mere infatuation or anything shallow like that is the dream I had where we were married in Heaven. I mean, really, nothing can top that.

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