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2005-04-19 - 9:47 p.m.

Lost Treasures/Implicit/China and Japan/Birthday/SG-1

I found some old t-shirts of mine. One from a production of "Peter Pan"; starring Sandy Duncan that I saw when I was three, and one from my old grammar school; Cambria Grammar School, from when I was probably eight or nine. They still fit! Although, to be honest, the "Peter Pan" shirt is rather oversized for a three year old.

A while ago I mentioned how my parent's had separated, well, they're getting a divorce now (or they may already be divorced) and the house is too big for just my dad. He's decided to move in to a mobile home, and in the process of packing we found plenty of lost treasures, old clothes, toys, and the piece-de-resistance: a ticket for a 1964 Beatles concert!!! So that's nicely tucked in my scrapbook. Ahh, my Beatles scrapbook. I have some "Beatle Fan" mags in there, some collector's magazines, a few George, and Paul 45s, a newspaper clipping concerning John that's way in the back that I never read and that I'd rather not talk about, and of course, the tickets, as well as more stuff, probably, that I can't think of. I've been a Beatles fan for a while.
Anyway, I'm rambling. It was nice, though, finding all that stuff.

Oh, this is rather interesting to me.
I like to do the Project Implicit tests once in a while, that gauge your subconscious associations and preferences, and there's one that tells whether you associate science more with women or men. Well, before when I took the test, I got a slight association with men being scientist, but the last time I took it, about a day ago, I got a moderate association with women! Why? Well, Sam! Obviously! See, SG-1 helps you shed stereotypical ideas. Of course, now I suppose I'm stereotypical in the opposite way, but at least it's not the usual sexism.

You know, this whole thing with China protesting Japan's permanent seat on the U.N. is getting rather tiresome.
I mean, okay, they did some pretty nasty stuff during WWII, and not just to the Chinese, but we've forgiven them (of course, we never really totally apologised for vapourising two of their majour cities and causing radiation lasting over fifty years to permeate their surroundings, food, et cetera, but that's beside the point). Anyway, what I'm saying is that I don't know why China can't just forgive and forget. Sometimes it's best to just swallow your pride and take what you can get.
Besides, it's not exactly like the "Red Imperial Nation" is free from its share of oppressive tendencies.

Happy Birthday to me! Hooray! I'm twenty seven! Anyway, this has been a great one. Yesterday evening my mum and her partner, Wendy, took Maggie and me to The Cheesecake Factory, where I had the pecan crusted catfish. I LOVE catfish! It is mouthwatering! If there is catfish on a menu, you can bet I'll be ordering it. It is my very favourite sort of fish.
Anyway, back to the birthday stuff. I got a lot of cool things from Mum and Wendy. I got an adorable Stitch toy from Mum, and a Beatles book with interesting little known facts about the Fab Four. Wendy got me a twenty five dollar gift certificate to Hot Topic, my favourite store!
We also got a birthday serenade from the Cheesecake Factory, which was embarrassing (as those things always are) but also cool, and they gave Maggie and I the cutest little baby sundaes!
We also took home a southern pecan cheesecake.
The only thing is I wasn't able to watch all of SG-1, which was frustrating. It was Bane, one of my favourites. At least I got to see Daniel real quick before we left for the restaurant.
Anyway, my actual birthday was great, as well. Maggie got Baskin Robbins ice cream cake with strawberry ice cream, and I got my Cabbage Patch Kid! A little girl, but that's fine. Because she's actually one I saw that I wanted. If it had just been one I didn't see, I really would have preferred a boy, but I just fell in love with Mattie Zoe in the store, and I thought that if Maggie got her for me, that would be fine. I didn't have the money to get her at the time, so Maggie went back and bought her for me. I was so surprised, and I'm of course very glad she hadn't been sold. I did hide her a bit, which doesn't always work, but luckily this time it did.

You know, a friend of mine said he could only watch the same SG-1 episodes so many times. That is something I can not understand. I have this one tape that has a bunch of awesome episodes on it, and I'll just watch it over and over. Particularly, I could never imagine getting tired of seeing Daniel in episodes I've watched many times.

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