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2005-04-26 - 12:37 a.m.

Day at the Mall/Admin and New Title

Well, I had an awesome day Saturday.
The very first part wasn't that great. I had a dentist appointment. I got totally ready nice and early, and decided to have a nap since I was still a bit groggy. I'm not very good at getting ready on time and I was rather proud of the fact that I had so much time to spare. Anyway, wouldn't you know it, a fuse blew out in my sister's room and her alarm didn't go off (I can't use an alarm. I'm way too heavy of a sleeper). So, we ended up being late anyway, and then it turned out they were low on instruments and wouldn't have any available for at least half an hour. Well, we were going to the mall and didn't want to worry about getting there too late, what with possible traffic problems and all. So we opted to reschedule. Then we were of to the mall! This is where the fun begins. We first went to Hot Topic where I spent my gift certificate and half of the rest of my money. I got some Invader Zim "Raspberry Shiny Lip Stuff" and a Gryffindor button for my button jacket, as well as some cool black and red arm warmers with like straps and buckles on it. My favourite thing I got there, however, is my Marvin shirt! That being the Marvin from Hitchhiker's, of course. It's a pink silhouette of him, and on the side in large pink letters it says "You think you have problems." Marvin is one of those characters who doesn't seem like he should be likable, but he is somehow. He's something like my third or fourth favourite character.
Anyway, after that we were rather hungry. So we stopped by Pretzel Maker where there is now a TCBY, as well! I was quite excited about that as I haven't had soft serve frozen yogurt in years, and it is my very favourite type of frozen treat.
So, I went up to order my favourite blueberry pretzel with honey butter, and it turned out they no longer have blueberry. I'm guessing that's because the way those pretzels had to cook took longer. I didn't mind, but I guess too many people did for it to make its inclusion on the menu to be worthwhile.
*sighs* Oh well. I ended up getting a cinnamon pretzel, but when I asked for the honey butter, the cashier thought I was asking for peanut butter frozen yogurt! Then she asked me the size, and I'd ordered a medium Mr. Pib, so I thought she didn't hear that. Conclusion: I got a medium peanut butter frozen yogurt along with my pretzel and soda. I explained things and the girl gave me two free honey butters, which I thought was pretty nice considering I'm the one who practically mumbled my order.
In any case, the total came to $7.00. The reason I'm mentioning that is I think it's an extremely reasonable price. I mean, I got an incredibly delicious and filling pretzel, a good sized soda, and a great lot of frozen yogurt, and I didn't even mean to get a medium. Small would have been just fine. Actually, I meant to get the frozen yogurt for a sort of dessert after finishing my pretzel. Anyway, yeah, though. That is a quite reasonable price for how much food you actually get.
At any rate, then we went to a new store called Knights of Anime. There is a really cute nice guy working there, plus it's all about anime! I bought some pins for my button jacket there. Then it was on to Suncoast, where I got a groovy Beatles poster and a stuffed toy Wembley, and lastly Sam Goody, where I got some strawberry Pocky and some cherry Sour Goo.
The best part, though, was when I got home and found the latest issue of SG-1 waiting for me (we each have a subscription), and guess who's on the cover. Yeah! There's a poster of him, as well. It's double sided, but the other side is Michael, so, not problem there.

I was promoted to administrator on the 7th Chevron! I'm so proud! I made a custom title for myself: Property of Dr. Jackson. Okay, I'm not really his property, but, well, I wouldn't even imply that simply anyone owns me. It's the whole "I'm his. He's mine," thing.

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