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12/02/2008 - 7:49 p.m.

AtU Thirty/Don't Need Faith/More on Loving Jude As Much As John/James Concert Correction/February Rocks!


I've now seen AtU twice as many times as in the theatre (That makes fifteen times in the theatre, six times online, and eight times on DVD).

You know, I don't remember if I've said how with that other person I had feelings for, as it were, that if I saw too much of the person who portrays him at a time, interviews and such like that, I'd start to lose faith that the person I had those feelings like for was real, you know. However, with Joe, it doesn't matter how many things I see of him. I mean, I don't even need faith to believe Max is real. I just know he is, and no amount of seeing the person who portrays him is going to keep me from realising that. In fact, with the other person, I liked to watch stuff of him somewhat, you know, give him props, but Joe, well, obviously I love watching Maxie best, but I really love seeing stuff of Joe, as well, interviews and things, other movies he's in...

Oh, I wanted to say more about loving Jude as much as John. First off, perhaps I loved John as much as Max at one time, but I definitely love Max more now. That being said, I love John more than anyone else besides Max, except for Jude, whom, as I've said, I love as much (obviously, with both John and Jude, that love is platonic). I'm not sure if I was this way before, and just didn't realise it, or what. I mean, I knew I was thinking more about Jude, and wearing my Jude hat (a black brimmed cap with rivets on the side, you know, like the one he's wearing when he first meets his father, and a couple other parts near the beginning and eating bread with butter, that sort of thing was making me more happy, you know (not as happy as doing things that remind me of Max, but yeah), but I was talking to Maggie about the order of our favourites in AtU, and she was saying how Jude is her third favourite, and I said something like "I can't even imagine that! I just love Jude so much! He's squarely my second favourite." That's when it first really began to hit me. Then, I was actually watching the movie, and I was noticing even more that affectionate feeling, if you will. I guess you can call it an affinity. That's what I call it. At any rate, I was thinking perhaps there are more people I love as much as John when I was watching Jude, but it's definitely just him. Yeah, I can see somewhat how I get that way, but overall, I have more in common with Lucy, but though I love her, of course, I don't have that affinity, if you will. I say when this sort of thing happens. I admire a person more, a song, what have you, and can't very well explain why it's more strong than with others, I chalk it up to aura compatibility. Some things just gel better with you, you know, and it seems to me that has something to do with the way a person's aura is, you know.

Oh, I was being stupid before, when I said James only didn't sing a couple songs from BtoB, he also didn't sing "I Can't Hear the Music", which is of course on AtLS.

Also, I was meaning to say closer to the beginning of the month, I love February! It's at least one of my favourite months. There are so many great things about it: it's Black History month. James' birthday is in February. Valentine's day. Spring (my favourite season) is just around the corner, and this February, of course, I had two other reasons to love the month, the concert and, even more importantly, the DVD came out this month. So, yeah, February rocks!

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