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Friday and Saturday

So, I promised I'd finish things up, and, Man, you know, good heavens I love Max. I just really have to say that, okay? Because shit, it's ridiculous, and you know, I always thought love had to hurt, but true love... I mean, I'm not saying there aren't times when it's hard knowing I have to wait to be with him, but, well, this quote sums it up fairly well: "When you're in love with someone it inspires you and gives you hope. You have faith that even if you can't be with them on earth, that if God wills, you will be with them one day in heaven." Yes, I don't believe in God, and faith really has nothing to do with it. I just know, but you know, before, with that other person, I didn't know, and it was horrible, because even though it wasn't true love. I didn't realise that, and it really hurt not knowing, you know. So, I was just, I wanted to die because it was so hard having to wait to see if I'd be with him, and I obviously won't be, but yeah, the thing is, now, I don't mind waiting so much, because as I said, I already know I'm gonna be with Max. So, being without him here isn't as bad, and I can enjoy life. I feel like things are better, can get better, knowing he's around, even if he's not part of this reality. It's lovely, this feeling. It really is, not having to worry, to wonder.

So, anyway, oh, I've recently gotten into the show "House". I actually really like House. James is my favourite, but, Maggie gets annoyed with the way House can be with his patients, but I understand why he's that way. I can definitely tell he cares about people, even if he tries to pretend he doesn't.

As well, there's a new show, "Eli Stone", that I loved from the first episode. There have been two episodes. I think it's awesome that Johnny Lee Miller portrays Eli. I've admired him since "Trainspotting".

I watch a ton of television. I will tell you what. Here is a list of all the shows I must watch, what channel each one is on, what day, and how much I love each one:

Fox (channel 11):

"House" (Tuesdays): This is my second favourite show right now.

"24" (Mondays): The season hasn't been renewed yet, not until April, I believe, but I will definitely be watching it when it comes back, and this is actually my second to last favourite of the shows where I have to keep up with new episodes and all, though I do of course think it's awesome.

"The Moment of Truth" (Wednesdays): This is rather a bit of a guilty pleasure, actually, and my least favourite show that I have to watch.

ABC (channel 7):

"Eli Stone" (Thursdays): This is my favourite show right now. I absolutely adore this show! I greatly look forward to Thursdays because of it. It's so wonderfully unique and quirky. Huh, sort of reminds me of someone... Perhaps that's why I love it! ^_*
Yeah, also, Eli is very cool, especially for a lawyer. *laughs*

CBS (channel 2):

CSI (Thursdays): This is my third to last favourite show right now.

Sci-Fi (channel 59 here):

Atlantis (Fridays): My third favourite show at this time.

Flash (also Fridays): This is my fourth favourite show now. Oh, I had to clap when Flash and Dale kissed! I'm not so sure about the fate of this show, but hopefully it will last at least a little while longer.

So, now, I must talk about the James concert (day before yesterday). Of course it was awesome. I was hoping he'd sing "Breathe", but I certainly don't mind that he didn't. "My very favourite from him, of course, is "Annie", and he sang that. The only songs he didn't sing from his albums were "Tears and Rain" and "Cry", which are of course both on B to B.
I bought an AtLS poster. Now I need to buy some poster tape to put it up.
Another awesome thing about this concert. We were actually fairly close, and a couple times James came close enough to the stage that I could see him quite well.

Okay, now, I was thinking how I missed three reasons why Dylan is the coolest person on this earth:

3: He's a music artist from the 60s. With a few obvious exceptions, the best music has come from the 60s, and Dylan, along with The Beatles, is among the best of the best.

2: Speaking of The Beatles, Dylan has been friends with all of them, particularly John and George, my two favourite Beatles (in that order).

3: Duh! He's Bob Dylan!

So, I've now seen AtU twenty six times (fifteen times in the theatre, seven times online, and four times on DVD). Hopefully, I will be watching it twice more later today.

Oh, my goodness, though. I have to talk about some of the special features:

First off, the deleted scene of Jo-Jo writing "And I Love Her". It's a very sweet, subtly romantic scene, but I understand why it had to be cut.

I love how much of a connection this world has to that one, incidentally. I mean, Julie gets ideas like, from there, and Jo-Jo gets ideas from here, you know. It's not surprising to me that The Beatles influenced at least part of a reality. The time difference is interesting. I estimated there's about a thirty seven year difference.

In any case, there are other special features besides that and the ones I'm about to talk about, but I haven't seen those.

As far as those other special features, I am talking about now, extended musical performances!!! Ahhhh Oh, my goodness, yeah. This, yeah. There is "Hold Me Tight", "Come Together", then for some reason, "I Am the Walrus", "Dear Prudence" (!!!!!!!), “Something” (which was likely edited to garner the film its PG-13 rating), "Oh! Darlin'" (which isn't so much extended as showing more of Jo-Jo singing after Sadie walks off the stage; we don't see when she's saying about how she doesn't need him and all, which I hate anyway, well, I don’t care for any of it really, but at least I can watch it which is more than I can say about the last number), "While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, and "Across the Universe"/"Helter Skelter" (which is the only number I can't watch). "Come Together is cool because we see more of when Prudence comes in, but I prefer how it is in the movie. For one thing, when they show Max in his taxi, where he says "What the hell are you doin', man?" to Jo-Jo, you don't hear the man part. As well, in the part that's extended, really, there's some stuff with Max that you don't see, of course, when you see more of the number. "I Am the Walrus" is cool for the fact that I get to see more of Maxie, but I actually do like the one in the film more, because I actually feel a bit concerned for him in those scenes. I mean, he drank LSD laced punch (and a whole lot of it considering that he was hanging around that punch bowl a fair bit)! Right, yeah, he was fine, but you know, you're overprotective when you love someone, and I really love Max. I mean, I don't actually mind it, since he's not upset or anything, but yeah, and the main reason I prefer the movie version is actually the part with Jude and Lucy on the bed. I like that part a lot for some reason, and you don't see as much of it in this version because you see more of Doctor Robert in that part. Also, the music doesn't sync up, as well, in this version. I don't know if that makes sense, but yeah.

Yeah, though, the best, and I understand why it couldn't all be in the movie, but well, ach! Man! "Dear Prudence"!!!!! Ahhhhh! Right! So, first off, this isn't a really big deal, just interesting, but Max actually says how Prudence locked herself in the closet. I was thinking how he said that; we just don't hear it, you know, but I though of how it would be, and the way he says it and all, is exactly like I pictured, but yeah, I definitely understand why that wasn't in the movie. I love how he says it, though, of course. Oh, we don't really hear Jo-Jo say Sadie's name so much when he looks at his watch. Right, though, the main thing, we see a lot more of when Jude, Lucy and Max are singing, and Prudence is on Max's shoulders at first, then he sets her down, and of course I'm watching Maxie the whole time, and oh, man, there is one part near "the sun is up" where he smiles a whole lot, and when they sing "it's beautiful", the way he looks there, and we see some of the later "Look Around". It's just all so wonderful!!! The only part I don't like with "Dear Prudence" is when you see Max worried about being drafted and all, and when he's comforting Lucy. Of course he wants he to feel better, but you know he's also trying to not be so concerned about him himself. You know how that is, but yeah, I don't like it very much, and it's not so bad in the movie, since you see more resolution, and it's not serio0usly painful to watch or anything, but without the resolution, you know, when I watch the extended version, from now on, I'll probably stop it just after you see them sing some of the second "look around" bit. That's right before the bad part, and a good place to stop it.

I think I have more, but I seriously need some sleep.

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