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2006-06-21 - 9:05 a.m.

Movies/James Blunt!!!!!

Well, first, I have to mention all the movies I've seen recently: The Davinci Code was really good, though I like the book a bit better. I loved Over the Hedge and Cars, my favourite though so far is The Lake House! Okay, yeah, talk about a movie that will make you just feel that no matter what, if you're meant to be with someone, it will work out. Obviously a wonderful movie to see being in love. I really think Keanu Reeves did an amazing job in this film, actually, he and the guy who played his younger brother, but the thing is that everything I've seen Keanu Reeves in he didn't have much range or anything, and I was just thinking he's not that great of an actor, but really, I'm thinking it may simply be that those other roles didn't off a lot of range anyway. I mean, mostly action and comedy. Kevin Costner, now he can't act, but if Reevesí role in The Lake House is any indication, he should definitely do more dramatic roles.

Right, I was thinking I should wait until tomorrow to post this, as I'm trying to not clutter my entries so much with lots of different unrelated topics, but I can't wait! I've actually been wanting to talk about this for a while and haven't been able to for one reason or another, but now I can, and I as I said I can't wait, particularly considering I'm listening to his music now; okay, James Blunt, man! God, he is my new favourite artist. I'm sure I love him as much as The Beatles, and I'm tempted to say I love him more, but that could be the giddiness in getting used to (so to speak) such an incredibly awesome and talented individual. You see, all of The Beatles are fine solo artists (well, Ringo's a fun solo artist at any rate), but neither one alone is a match for the whole band. James Blunt, however, is at least as good as the whole band being just one person. I mean, sure he has a backup band of sorts, like most solo artists, but no one of them is essential to make him better. That is, you could not have replaced, say, Ringo with someone else, or it wouldn't have been The Beatles anymore. James Blunt can use any drummer he wants. As long as they know the beats and all, obviously, the real power comes from the depth of the singer, his expression and depth of soul makes it easy to get a fine feel in the instrument accompaniments as long as we're talking about someone who knows what they're doing at all. On top of that, he's a way groovy person with a top notch sense of humour (pretty cute, too, incidentally, and for not being Daniel). I swear, I have to see him in concert. I'm going to ask Maggie to put him on the Ticketmaster email list thing she gets that lets her know when an artist she likes is going to be in concert in her area. She doesn't like James Blunt as much as I do (I feel like I should call him James, I tend to like to just use the first name of people I majourly admire, maybe at some point I'll start doing that), but she does, and I like all the artists she has on their now, even if a few she likes more, the point being that I don't see why I should sign up for that and bother with listing all of these people when Maggie and I basically have the same tastes and I only once in a while ask her to add someone she hadn't thought of before.

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