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2005-09-01 - 2:50 a.m.

Concert Adventure/Ex Deus Machina/Instinct/MotP/Daniel Dream

Well, let me just tell everyone about the exciting day we had getting to this concert. Okay, so we were on our way to a BSB concert (yes, that's the Backstreet Boys, I've loved them since I was nineteen, have seen them in concert four times since then, and am quite proud of that), and Maggie didn't know how to get there exactly, so we used Map Quest, and well, they don't always actually give you the quickest route. The arena was near Disneyland, and Map Quest basically said we had to go past Sand Diego, then around back the other way to the arena! So Maggie was halfway to Mexico pretty much, and she's just like, okay, this can't be right. We looked at the actual map and saw that Map Quest had once again screwed up. We're just going to use the directions as a general reference from now on, and rely more on the map. We did make it to the concert, though there was only an hour left, but we didn't care about the opening act, and it was definitely still worth it. We still had a blast!

Okay, last Friday, Yay! More Goa'ulds! Don't get me wrong. I really don't like the Goa'uld, but at least they have personality. Man! Ha! This should be interesting, multiple Ba'als running around. It didn't seem like all of them actually had Ba'al in them, though, just like a part that allows them to talk like that. Maybe not. I don't know.

Get ready, I'm going to talk about Atlantis! Yes! I'm not nearly as into that show as I am SG-1, but I still love it, and last night's episode really struck me. This Wraith ship had crash landed near this village, and a man found one of them, a little girl. He raised her as his daughter. Wraith children can eat regular food, but when she reached puberty that would no longer sustain her, and she had to consume human life energy. The man allowed her to feed off of him (which she was rather reluctant to do, for two years, just as needed, until he could perfect a serum that would let her be satiated by regular food again. Unfortunately, the serum didn't work, and there was another wraith that survived, so Ellia (that was what the girl wraith was named) would sense when that one was feeding and join in. She hated having to do that, though. It was quite poignant, because you realise that the Wraith are not inherently bad. Ellia was disgusted with what she had to do to survive, to the point that she took an as yet basically untested drug which could, supposedly, strip away the bug part of a wraith and leave only the human part. Unfortunately (and somewhat inevitably) the drug had the opposite effect, with, as you can probably imagine, disastrous results.
Anyway, this is certainly one of the most interesting episodes, if not the most interesting episode of Atlantis I've seen.

I saw "March of the Penguins" the other day. It's an excellent film, but it rather frustrates me that it's marketed as a children's movie. I have no idea how it succeeded in a G rating. There are a number of pretty intense scenes that would definitely have troubled me as a kid. Heck! They trouble me now! I mean, this is a National Geographic documentary, people. It is not a kiddie film with talking birds or anything. Yes, the baby penguins are cute, but some of those baby penguins freeze to death or are eaten alive by an Albatross, or aren't even allowed to hatch in the first place. If you bring your kids to this film, they should probably be a little older. I wouldn't bring any one younger than six (Well, babies are okay, seeing as they probably wouldn't really understand any of it), and be sure you explain that this is a factual film, telling the poignant story of how the Emperor penguin risks its very life in order that its species can continue. You may want to explain it in a more simple way. It depends on how smart and how old your kid is.

I had another somewhat meaningful dream about Daniel. Well, it was one where I talk to him. I was watching SG-1. I'm not sure if it was on TV or through a window or what, becaue if it was on the telly, it turned real. Anyway, though, SG-1 (it was the original team in my dream) had to escape from this ship, and the way they had to do this was jump into this sort of bubble that would disappear after a few seconds if you didn't jump into it. The bubble would carry you down a ways to safety (a different bubble would appear for each person. All of SG-1 except Daniel made it into their bubbles. I guess Daniel hesitated too long, and his bubble disappeared just as he jumped, so he fell on to this sort of platform below. So anyway, I was like, "I have to go help him!" My dad was there, and he's all, "No! It's not safe!" He grabbed my arm and tried to pull me back, but I broke free and ran to the platform. I climbed up and got to Daniel. I kneeled down beside him and sort of raised him up, and I'm all "Daniel, Daniel, sweetie, wake up." He stirred a bit and woke up, and I explained everything. Then My dad was there and talking about shoes he wore in high school, but that parts not important. Then I woke up. The big thing about these dreams, though, really, isn't so much what happens in them, it's how I feel in them. My subconscious mind sees Daniel the same way my conscious mind does. I know that my love for him is real, that he truly means more to me than anything else, and that he always will.

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