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2005-09-04 - 8:52 p.m.

Disaster/Gas Prices/Real Love

Stupid nature! Okay, less than a year ago there was the tsunami, now Hurricane Katrina! Argh! Okay, I didn't want to say anything about this latest disaster, but I just have to.
First off, some questions: Why did it take so damned long for help to arrive? Actually, I know the answer to that one, because Mister "President" decided we need all the help over in Iraq, to fight a war that is basically totally pointless. Anyway, the other thing I don't understand is how New Orleans reacted to the tragedy. Mass hysteria, rape, looting... This was not the main reaction with the tsunami in Southeast Asia. What does this say about America's conduct under pressure? I mean, I understand everyone was panicked, but nearly a hundred thousand people were killed in the tsunami. If I can understand any group of people being overtaken by mass hysteria after a natural disaster, it would be them. That being said, though, I know not every one in New Orleans reacted to this horror in such a self imposed way, I just think it's sad that so many people were reacting that way.

Anyway, moving on to less depressing matters (though maybe not much less depressing): Gas prices! Gah! It's ridiculous! I mean, I don't drive, but Maggie does, of course, and I don't see why she should have to shell out nearly three bucks a gallon because of idiotic blunders the government should have to own up to, but being the government, of course they won't.

Okay, now on to truly better things: You know, Daniel must be real. You know why? Because I can't see how I could love someone so much who isn't real. I sort of wish I could express to others how much I love Daniel. I don't think any one besides myself really gets it. No matter how I try to explain. Words are so inadequate, and it doesn't help that, being the fact that he's a character on a show, people assume either I'm just speaking from a fan point of view, that when I say I love Daniel, I don't mean it in the sense of real, true love, or worse, they humour me, they assume I'm just a kid, that I merely think I'm in love, but really just have a little crush, and have no idea what love is. Well, I certainly care for Daniel beyond simply being a fan, and twenty seven is pretty old to be having "kiddie crushes". I know what I feel, and what I feel for Daniel is the strongest, purest, fullest, most everlasting love imaginable.
Alright. I realise I'm being a broken record, again. God! I can not stop this. I don't want to stop it anyway, I just couldn't if I wanted to. I was struck by Cupid's arrow. I had never before become aware of my love for an individual at the exact moment that it actually happened. This is the case with Daniel. I am sure that I'm more obsessed, more in love with Daniel, than any one else could ever be. That can partly be attributed to fact that I don't have any hangups about his being "fictional", but I really think there's more to it than that. I mean, I can feel it.

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