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2005-07-01 - 9:29 p.m.

New computer!/Why I Believe/Differences/Similarities/Disrespect

We got a new computer! Okay! So now we have XP and you know how you can set up the computer individually for each person? Well, just take one guess as to what my computer theme is? AHHHHH! I'm so happy!!!! My background, icons, sounds, everything is of Daniel! I even found the screensaver he has on his computer! YEEEEE!!!!

A-hem. Um, anyway, you know why I think I still believe that cartoon characters and all can be real? I never had the chance to be disillusioned. For as long
as I can remember my family has had a great respect for the animation
business, and I've known everything that goes in to making cartoons.
In fact, Clarence "Ducky" Nash was my idol due to the fact that he
basically created Donald Duck, who was my hero as a child
(Donald is still my favourite of the Fab Five, though, of course, I'm idolizing another "fictional" individual these days).
I've met many people from all over the animation industry, but being a
kid, it never once occurred to me that the characters they created
weren't real, and knowing how they were made since I was very little,
I never had the chance to come to a realization about their existence.
Therefore, I think, if I always believed in them as a kid, even though
I knew how they were made, why shouldn't I continue to believe in them
as an adult?
Then I thought, if cartoons can be real, why not other characters?
Anyway, that, I think, as well as anything, explains the way I think
(well, that and what I've said about how I feel life would simply not
be as meaningful if cartoons and the like didn't truly exist in some

You know, for twins, my sister and I are quite different from each other.
Maggie is great with programming and putting computers together. I
have an extensive knowledge of comics and animation from the 1900s
through the 50s. I've kept my Jewish faith. Maggie's chosen religion
is Wicca. Maggie is fascinated by The Middle Ages. My passion is archaeology (more specifically, Egyptology I'm also (by the way) quite interested in American History)
There's more, but yeah, I was just thinking about that.

Which leads me to something else: All the ways in which Daniel and I
are similar.
First, as I've noted, archaeology is my passion. Learning about people
from the past by studying artifacts from their time. Discovering how
they lived, their differences and similarities, that is such an incredibly
fascinating thing to me. I just love learning about how we came to be. I'm also rather fascinated by Mythology, and how past cultures (as well as our own) have used it to explain the world around them, their existence, et cetera.
As well, I'm unbelievably empathetic. I would seriously rather die than let that happen to someone else, because the pain of knowing I could help someone and not doing so, would be far more painful than
anything I would experience in taking their place.
I will comment on semi obscure events in history.
I'm too curious for my own good.
I wear glasses.
Well, there's probably more, but that's all I can think of for now.

Anyway, speaking of ancient peoples (I'll come to it soon), I'm not
that in to Scooby Doo, but I like to watch the movies the see what
they're like, ever since I chanced to see Scooby Doo on Zombie Island,
and it is now one of my favourite movies.
So, I was watching Scooby Doo and the Loch-Ness Monster, and first
off, the woman who voiced Daphne's cousin, Shannon, apparently got an
Irish accent confused with a Scottish accent. That really was more
amusing than anything, though. The thing that made me change the
channel was when Shaggy, Scooby, Velma and Daphne came across an old
Highland warrior burial ground, and Shaggy and Scooby took some of the
armour off the skeletons and were prancing around in it. I found that
scene extremely disrespectful and in very poor taste. Kids should be
learning to respect their ancestors, not to make a mockery of them.

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