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04/04/2008 - 1:26 a.m.

The Ruins Out/Deleted Post/MLK/Obama

"The Ruins" is out today, and I'm not feeling that great. Partly because I have to wait until Tuesday (free popcorn day) to see it, partly because I messed up on a post on the IMDB Joe board and had to delete it, and now every time I go to that thread the deleted post mocks me. I know it shouldn't matter, but things like that bug me more than they should. I would have just edited except it was a time thing. I wanted to make the post at a certain time and I made it too early, mostly because I wasn't thinking about the fact that I wanted to make the post later as I was making it, but whatever.

Another reason I think I'm a bit stressed out is that this is the day Martin Luther King Junior was shot and killed. I didn't think the fact of that would effect me so much, but I guess it does. That person with whom I'm on shaky ground because I question whether they're not a racist, Dena, her birthday is today. I don't know, but she seems not to see black people in a fair light, and I don't know if she still thinks black people and white people shouldn't be together, you know. I don't if she resents that MLK was murdered on her birthday, or what, but it's pretty sad if that's the case. I don't resent the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing. If a white person had been killed on her birthday, would she resent other white people?

Anyway, I actually meant to talk about this next thing a long time ago, but I suppose now is as good a time as any, and rather appropriate, really:
A lot of people, papers and such, were saying Obama's speech in response to his preacher could be likened to past politicians, memorable, meaningful, something to be quoted in the history books, and I have to say I wholeheartedly agree. Obama has already shown his ability to be the next milestone president, the next truly great president since Roosevelt's time (that's Teddy, not FDR; the latter may have done a lot, but he also approved the unfair interment of thousands of Japanese Americans, and never apologised for it). What a grand thing that would be, truly. We have had hype, and glitter, but no real substance for too damned long, and just perhaps, in Obama, we'll find, once again, a president who truly cares about his country, it's people, what it should stand for, and who will work to bring this nation together, to pick up the pieces and bring us back to a place we can be proud of, that I'm not ashamed of, and that other countries don't (understandably) despise.

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