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05/02/2008 - 9:55 a.m. to 7:40 p.m.

Catching Up Somewhat (Mostly AtU Stuff)


I have so much to talk about. I haven't been able to get on in a while as our DSL got screwed up after heavy rains damaged some cables outside our house. It's fine now, though, obviously. I actually could have gotten on here a little sooner, but I was spending most of my time either watching AtU stuff on YouTube, or creating AtU inspired videos for YouTube.

As far as AtU, so many things!
Most importantly, it's out today!!! I pre-ordered the three disc edition from FYE, so it should be getting here fairly soon.

As well, I saw a commercial for the movie being out! Well, it was like how they say, "Own it Friday!" or what have you. The commercial wasn't on today. Actually, I've gotten into "House" (more on that later), and I couldn't watch the third to most recent episode that was on, so Maggie recorded it for me, and luckily, during one part, Dad called, so she wasn't paying as much attention and didn't get the commercials, and that's when the commercial for the AtU DVD was on! She would have missed the first part of it at least if she'd been taking out commercials. Yeah, she really wanted to show me that, more than the episode, which makes sense, of course, and I saw it, and got all giddy and shrieky like I do, so, yeah.

I want to say more on my videos. The first one I made was inspired by Max (naturally). Oh, and I have to say, these videos involve actual moving image clips. I downloaded a version of the movie that not only doesn't have the best audio quality, but the talking (not the singing, thank goodness, as watching a number of those scenes with just singing, like most of "Hey Jude", for example, is how I survived without DSL. I mean, the audio isn't that bad. It'll do in a pinch, as it were. I could've simply listened to the music from the film, you know, and looked at pictures, but since I could watch the scenes, you, I mean, that's even better, not the best, as I'll say, but still). Even so, I don't need the audio to make videos, so, yeah. Oh, also, the image quality is astounding. It's almost as clear as if I was seeing it on DVD. Actually, it may actually be as clear. It's just that the picture is obviously smaller than on the telly, so, yeah, getting back to the videos because I am digressing somewhat, the Max video involves "Here Comes the Sun" Not only my first actual moving pictures video, but my first AtU video involving a Beatles song (well, I only had one before that, but yeah). You can check it out on my YouTube channel, along with my other videos. I only have one other moving images video on there, inspired by Lucy, and set to "Make Some Noise" (which of course is not a Beatles song), but I plan on adding more. I've already made two other videos. I just have to adjust them to the point where I'm happy with them, you know. The first one I did is inspired by Max, Jude, Lucy, Jo-Jo, Prudence and Sadie, and is set to "Forever Young". I'm hardly happy with it, though. It didn't turn out very much like what I envisioned.
However, I think if I add a clip or two, tweak it here and there (okay, I had to take a break because AtU just came, much sooner than I expected, and I had to watch it), I can get it to where it's presentable, at least. The other one, inspired by Jude and Lucy, and set to "What Happens Tomorrow", I'm much happier with. I just need to adjust the timing a little and it will be ready.

You know, I have a lot more to say, but I really need to watch AtU again, so, I'm gonna go do that, and continue catching up tomorrow, or possibly the 8th (as the concert is the 7th), including talking more on the AtU DVD.

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