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03/07/2007 - 8:39 a.m.

More on Mental Face Touching/"24"/Dream and the Subconscious

About that mental face touching thing. I do it when I look at pictures of Daniel, as well. Not always, but a fair bit. When I'm not doing it when I'm watching him, most likely he's frustrated or scared or some such thing. I'm just feeling bad for him then. I don't want to be thinking about touching his face. If I was there, I could anyway, and I might help him, but I'm not, you know, so, yeah. Also, when he's talking, not always, but yeah, a lot of times (perhaps most of the time) when he's talking I won't do the MFT thing. It depends. Oh, and whether or not he looks how he usually does isn't a factor. I've done the MFT thing with him when he was in Machello's and Jack's bodies, when he was a prior, and when he was in his sixties and 90s in the time dilation "bubble". I don't do it when I see him in Harod's body in "Avalon, Part 2", and I'm sure only because it's one of those times where I can't because he's talking every time, and it's somehow awkward, you know, but there were plenty of times in that episode where I did the MFT thing anyway, of course. In most episodes I can do it a fair bit.

Right, you know what I realised, the fact that during the hiatus, "24" is still going on, so, that's when Jack manages to get sleep and everything. This also means that we could possibly see Cloe's baby. I don't know where that's going to go with CTU not being around as much in the next day (that we see, of course), but yeah.

Oh, I never said, I think it was cool that Daniels pardoned what's-her-name, even though I was pissed at him for considering Josh "expendable".

Speaking, of, that was so pathetic, that asshole who cost all those people their lives. I'm so sure Jack would have approved of that (note to the sarcastically challenged, I realise Jack does not actually approve of innocent people being killed). Palmer was certainly right in firing him.
Oh, god. I don't know what ended up happening with Mason, of course, but anything where someone has to deal with radiation poisoning gets to me cause, you know.

Anyway, I want to go back to Day 6 real quick to say, I miss Tom. I hope we see more of him.

Now to talk about the dream I had: It wasn't very long. Daniel was rooming with Vala or something. If they were married, they were on the verge of divorce. So, I don't know if this is really the case (though you never know, it could be some thing I picked up on somehow, sometime), but in my dream, Daniel really liked those blue corn chips, and he'd get some, and every time, Vala would take most of them, and he'd never get the last, and in my dream he was fed up and yelled at her for always taking them. She didnít seem phased. She just said something to the effect that it was no big deal, and he shouldnít get in a huff. Daniel was wearing blue jeans and a grey t-shirt, but if I remember correctly, Vala was wearing some sort of leather get-up. So, yeah. I donít know what that was about.

You know, Iíve had three dreams with Vala, and in none of them is she on SG-1, and in two of them, her integrity is in question. Even the one where she says she wants a baby, Iím not certain she was just making conversation. I feel pretty bad about this. I like Vala. I do. Consciously, at least, I consider her a friend, and a part of SG-1 (though not quite as much a part as Cameron, whoís less a part than Daniel, Tealíc, or Sam, consciously, at least, but Iíll get to that later), but subconsciously, it seems, I donít think of her as part of the team at all, and I still see her as manipulative. I do hope this changes soon.
Getting back to Cameron, though, the funny thing, I apparently, in my subconscious mind, see Cameron as totally part of the team, and I accept him as essentially the leader, even if Iím not totally aware of that, and you know, thatís the other odd thing: Even though I realise this, I canít consciously see things that way, at least not yet. I have to still get used to him completely the usual way. As for Vala, I donít how thatís going to work. As I said, hopefully Iíll subconsciously see her as part of the team and all soon.

Going back to the dream. It was odd, because I remember I was like there, in Danielís apartment, I guess it must have been, but they couldnít see or hear me. I donít know if I was out of phase, or what. I did dream that I went downstairs to this other apartment. It must have been a studio. There was a bed to the side, and a small white dog, as well as either some sort of bird or rodent. I believe I could pet the dog, so maybe it was in my phase? I donít know. It was a dream. For some reason, I though the dog and other pet had been abandoned. Then I realised the person was probably just gone for a bit, and I think I heard and saw her a moment, and was about to skedaddle when I woke up.

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