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11/05/2007 - 9:37 p.m.

"Bounty" (minor spoilers) and the Scooby Gang

"Bounty" was very interesting, how they were all at different places and such.

Yeah. Um, that crazy bitch. I was looking at captures, and I could tell just from those that there was something up with her, and I didn't even get to the part where she tried to blast him. I really think she actually was attracted to Daniel, which is why she handled the situation the way she did. Of course he wouldn't take her up on her offer, though. Even if he liked her, which I think even if she wasn't wacko, he wouldn't. She didn't seem like Daniel's type. She was too forward anyway, and too "cute", but yeah, even if that weren't the case, even if he liked that sort of woman, he wouldn't just go with some chick he's never met. Of course, if he were the sort to be attracted to the forward type, then perhaps he'd be the impulsive type as well, but he's not, so there you are. Yeah, I actually laughed when she got hit by the bus. I mean, I felt bad for my angel, cause he was rather shocked, but I couldn't help laughing when it first happened. Seeing someone hit by a bus doesn't generally illicit that reaction from me, but well, she was nasty to my angel. Oh, yeah, I know she was also trying to get Daniel because she was a bounty hunter, but it definitely seemed as though she was trying to do more than just kidnap him. I mean, it seems like if that were her only concern, she could have taken a more direct approach, and if she were merely trying to get him to go with her, it's pretty darn pathetic that she just assumed he's the sort to take up an offer like that.

The stuff with Vala and Cameron was funny.

Oh, the thing Daniel said about the "meddling kids", hehe! That made me think: Okay, who would they all be in terms of the Scooby Gang (bare with me now): Teal'c would be Scooby. He's the only one who isn't human, and, well, that's pretty much where the similarities end. Cameron is Shaggy. I mean, inside every stoner is a good ol' boy, right? Daniel is Fred, mostly because he's the only guy left, but also because a lot of people think Fred is a handsome fella, and, well, I don't, but I also didn't think Daniel was attractive when I first saw him. Now, of course, he's the most incredibly amazing, beautiful, more than beautiful angel that has ever been or ever could be, but I think a lot of girls see him rather more superficially than that, overall. So, yeah, I think if Fred had the sort of personality that's appealing to me, I would think he was cute, though I'd never find him as wonderful as my Daniel, obviously. Yeah, though, way to convolute things, but yeah, Daniel would be Fred. Vala would be Daphne, and, of course, Sam would be Velma, which actually sounds more like Vala, obviously, but also obviously, Sam's a lot more like Velma overall than Daphne, and I've put way too much thought into this.

I have to say more about "The Shroud", and also about the latest episode of CSI, but I'll do that in my next entry.

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