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2006-11-26 - 12:28 a.m.

James Again

Quick note: I realise I didn't mention Daniel in my last entry. I couldn't think of anywhere to place him in a list of complaints.

Anyway, I've come to terms with the fact that I am utterly obsessed with James (Blunt). I know I've mentioned that before, but it bears repeating. Oh, man does it bear repeating! I can not get enough of his music. He is the most awesome, incredibly talented individual. Actually, I think I've become more obsessed with him since the concert. I have to listen to every song that he sings as often as possible. As long as SG-1 isn't on, and Maggie's not out in the living room where I listen to the songs on the computer (listening to James' music is a private sort of thing to me, something like meditation). I also don't like listening to his music on headphones unless I have to. I need to get a CD player that doesn't require headphones so I don't have to only play his music on the computer. You know, It turns out he has all these songs from before Back to Bedlam. He has a cover of "Rocky Raccoon" that's (of course) way cool for one, a couple other covers as well, but mostly original stuff (obviously he brings a level of awesomeness immeasurable to everything he sings, and his original stuff is beyond creative). I (legally) downloaded most of them, but there are still a few I need to find. I also downloaded the songs from "Chasing Time: The Bedlam Sessions" (these were also obtained legally, in fact, just assume that anytime I say I downloaded a song, I didn't break the law to acquire it). I still need to get that DVD. I also love watching his videos. Sometimes when Maggie and I will watch videos on VH-1 (and once in a while on MTV, and something of James will come on (most recently the main J/B video running is the one for "Goodbye My Lover"), and it's not as much as a whole bunch of songs, so it's not so bad that Maggie's out there, but I just have to listen to the song. I can't really be doing other things as well. I'm just always immersed in his music. I can sing along with the music, but I can't like get something to eat or anything like that. Well, I can do other stuff sometimes with his faster stuff. It really depends on my mood, but I always mind if Maggie’s out where she can hear the music for more than a few of his songs. In any case, something else: At least two songs from James, "Cry" and "In Flowers" make me think of Daniel. The former in particular is a bit scary in how it mirrors the way I feel about him, his experiences and such. That's probably not the main reason James is my favourite artist, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

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