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27/09 & 28/09/2007 - 9:33 p.m. to 7:09 p.m.

On Concert and Contest/More on AtU

Thursday and Friday

Well, you can probably guess that I'm not at the concert. I actually thought I had a chance of winning the contest for the entry I ultimately turned in. It was a poem, but I don't think they were looking for creativity in that respect, more in context, and the context of my poem was fairly typical, really. Okay, you know, I'm jumping the gun here. I never even said the contest description. Well, it was on this site called Bebo, and the thing was that you had to answer the question, "What doe the year 1973 mean to you?", and frankly, I don't think that was very fair. I mean, it should have had more to do with how big a fan of James you are. Some of the biggest fans, 1973 may not mean much to them, but then there could be someone who isn't as big a fan, 1973 might be really meaningful to them, in a more creative way, you know. Well, it is just as likely whoever won the grand prise, as well as the runner ups, really are big fans of James. Congratulations to them (somewhat begrudgingly, I admit). I suppose it would have been impractical, though. I have no car at the moment, and would have had to have my dad drive me over there, but I'd be taking my sister to the concert and all, so Dad would just be waiting there, with not much open that he'd be interested in, and the after party would be even worse for him, you know. It wasn't meant to be this time, and I'm sure as much as I look up stuff about James, there will be other possibilities for me to meet him. I mean, that was all I really cared about, but even if I didn't get that, I would have at least loved to go to the concert, seeing him in a small venue, but yeah, I have a good chance of experiencing that. I just need to get through the frustration of this not being the time where that first happens.

On a positive note, I saw ATU again today! My third time seeing it, as I said before we were going to see it on the 25th, as well, my sister and I, and we did, and hopefully will be seeing it again fairly soon. I am addicted to that movie! That's how I am, I don't get addicted to substances, I get addicted to movies and shows and such. I swear, I can't get enough of it, and when it's over, there's this period where I can be overly stressed, like coming down from a high, you know. Even after that, I still obviously (so, now it's past 12:00, so the next day by general standards) have a major urge to see the movie again. Oh, I have decided that I love Max's talking voice, and his singing voice is also my favourite. Lucy's is my second favourite. Also, another scene I love that doesn't involve any special effects type stuff or musical number type stuff, when Lucy is singing "Blackbird", because you know, Max is really depressed about things with being in the war and all, feeling hopeless, and Lucy's saying, you know, on one hand, talking to Jude in a way, even if he can't hear her, but also talking to Max, getting him to realise that things are gonna be okay, and he realises that he can be happy with things like before, being a taxi driver and all (that who you are defines what you do is so true), more wizened, though, yes, and also, he sees in Lucy how important it is for her to be with Jude, and he knows how important it is for Jude. He wants to see them happy, you know, and that's the thing in "Hey Jude", and then, of course, Max is really happy seeing Jude again. He's part of that group. It's not right without him there, you know, and when he's not with Lucy, particularly, so you know they all want those two to be together. So, yeah, all of that.
Oh, I wasn't thinking, but there is a Daniel mentioned in a Beatles song. He's sort of bad, though, and he generally goes by Dan, but yeah, "Rocky Raccoon". I imagine that's an allude, not exact, but still. They aren't all, obviously. That Daniel, in AtU wasn't bad at all, of course, but yeah, it does make sense in a way. I mean, I donít think thatís a coincidence. Also, there is a gal named Rita in Mr. Kiteís show. Oh, and the thing with Prudence, I think thatís very easy to figure out, unless youíre not real observant or some such thing. Thereís a lot in that movie that you may not catch the first two, perhaps even three times you see it. A lot of Beatles references and such.

So, yeah, I did that thing where I take forever to finish an entry. This time I fell asleep before I could finish it.

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