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26/02/2007 - 3:46 a.m.

Oscars/Adult Swim Type Stuff/SG-1/Grissom Like Daniel/Fits

Okay, so I was really hoping that either Leonardo Dicaprio would win best actor, or Peter O'toole. Actually, he deserved it more. For God's sake, he's been nominated nine times now! I would have actually preferred he win this time, but the thing with Leonardo Dicaprio is that they almost seem to be humouring him. Well, I do think Forest Whitaker deserved to win, but those other two deserved it just as much, and more for the fact that they've been nominated more, again, Peter O'toole especially!

Oh, my God! The most awesome episode of "Family Guy" (save perhaps for "The Road to Rhode Island") was on! It's called (coincidentally) "The Road to Rupert". It's great anyway, as it's (as one would imagine) Brian and Stewie centric, but then first off there is a scene where Meg is having to drive Peter because he lost his license, and he wants to watch SpongeBob on their built in DVD player, and they actually play a bit with SpongeBob actually singing a little of "The Campfire Song Song", then, best of all, Stewie convinces this guy who rents out helicopters to let them have one by singing a jaunty melody, complete with Stewie dancing in the place of Jerry with Gene Kelly in that famous seen from "Anchors Aweigh", and afterwards the seller goes "Okay, you can have the helicopter." It was so awesome!

Oh, my goodness, also, Tim and Eric are on tour with the "Tim and Eric Awesome Tour". There is one in L.A. on the 6th of March. I so want to go! There's a live web-cast on the 1st, and I at least want to see that, but it would be so totally groovy to see them in concert. Hopefully Dad will be able to drive us, as we still don't have a "new" car.

"Off the Grid" was on. I love that episode. Except for the part where that bastard hits Daniel, but it doesn't last very long, I just close my eyes and squinch up my ears for a second or two. I wish something bad happened to that bastard, but oh well. Yeah, I know I shouldn't think like that, but I can't help it. Anyway, the episode ends well and there are a lot of funny scenes, and even the part where they're all tied up isn't as bad as it could be since they're together.

There are actually quite a few season 9 episodes that I love, none on my top ten, or even top twenty, but still, not a bad season all in all, really.

Grissom has something in common with Daniel, not the best thing depending on how you look at it, but well, they both have trouble forgiving people for things right away, and sometimes never do depending on the severity of the error, and who they're dealing with. The episode "Weeping Willows" was on, which I'd never seen before, and I don't really like it so I probably won't watch it again, but in it Catherine kisses this guy who may have committed a murder, and well, there is a lot more to it than that (I don't mean that she does more than kiss him, but there's more to the overall story, obviously, I just don't want to say all of it, people should see it for themselves), but the point is that she is not totally honest about this situation with Grissom, and it's important that she is, so he gets angry with her and at the end hasn't forgiven her for not telling the truth. Obviously he seems to have forgiven her now, but it isn't an immediate apology accepted sort of thing. I know that's not really good, but I don't see is as that bad when someone cool has that habit, as it were, because Daniel is that way, and I love him, "faults" and all. If I loved him more if he stopped being that way, it wouldn't be because he stopped, but only because I love him more each day, no matter what. That would merely be a coincidence.

Oh, also, I have to say that other shows and things like that I enjoy are another thing I like talking about on here, and that I should maybe talk about more, along with my family and all, so, this entry fits for the shows thing.

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