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13/02/2007 - 11:08 p.m.

Great Day and All

Well, the day before yesterday was rather sucky. I didn't get to watch SG-1 or SpongeBob, or listen to my "James" playlist. On top of that, James didn't even win one Grammy (although those who know this stuff say it's likely he'll win a couple awards next year). At least I caught his performance.

Yesterday was much better. Not only did I get to listen to my "James" Playlist and watch SpongeBob, but Sci-Fi was doing that 8:00 to 4:00 thing with SG-1, and my second favourite ("the Torment of Tantalus") and my sixth favourite episode "Cor-Ai" were both on. "Thor's Hammer was also on, as were "Bloodlines", "Fire and Water", "Hathor", and "Singularity" Of those four, "Singularity is the only one I can watch (the part really close to the end where Sam is upset is hard to watch, but it's only a moment, and is really happy after that). Those four are all in order, as well, at any rate, and "Thor's Hammer" was the first episode, "Cor-Ai" the last. Not that it matters, but yeah. Oh, and to top off the coolness, they usually cut off the last part of tToT, and I love that last note (the music in that episode is my favourite of all the episodes). It just bings it all through so wonderfully. I still love the episode if I don't hear it, of course, but still. So, yeah, they usually don't play it,. for time or something, I don't know, but they played it yesterday! I was pleasantly surprised. Yeah, though, that episode overall, man. I mean, obviously "The Changeling" is my very favourite, but nothing but tToT comes in at a very close second. It is such an amazingly wonderful episode, and certainly a milestone one (as is "The Changeling", actually). At any rate, "Proving Ground" was the 6:00 episode. That one is very annoying. I don't care about these kids! I don't even get to see Daniel hardly at all (though the parts where you do see him are funny for the most part, I feel bad that he gets "shot", but obviously it's not that bad). I don't know if anyone could have thought something was going on with the whole "Goa'uld" thing, if they didn't know the overall plot, but it's always very clear to me when Daniel is Daniel. It wasn't as clear when I had a crush on him. I didn't always see when it was actually him, or think about it somehow, but now...

At any rate, "48 Hours" was on today, and I don't like to watch that episode because I do like Atlantis, and McKay is, well, the way he is, but he's an absolute jerk in there. He eases off later, and you don't hate him. I hate seeing him in that episode because as I said, he's a total jerk, not likeable at all. I do like seeing the very first part before you can't tell anything bad is going to happen, and you see Tanith is killed, perhaps not as satisfying overall as it could have been, but he's no longer a threat, and that's the important thing. So, yeah, though, I didn't watch the whole thing. There were episodes on at 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00, as well: "Affinity", "Covenant", and "Sacrifices". I can only watch the first and last part of "Sacrifices". There're maybe fifteen minutes in the middle that I don't like, but other than that, no problem. I don't love any of those episodes. My favourite out of them is "Affinity", though, but yeah. I love when they do that, especially when I see episodes I love, but even with just watchable episodes, as long as my angel is on there, I'm good.

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