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2005-06-12 - 9:51 p.m.

Cool Page/Heroes on Fox/New Purse/Missed Special/Cool Person/Real To Me

I found an awesome page. This gal lists just about every mannerism Daniel has and reaffirms my suspicions that he has ADD.

Fox seems to play Heroes parts 1 and 2 way too often. I mean, I'm fine with part 1, but part 2 I just can't handle again. I could barely handle it once.

Anyway, I forgot to say that I got the most adorable purse from Disney direct on eBay about a week ago. It was only sold at Disneyland for a short time and most places are selling it for around $70.00, but Disney simply considers the very few they have left over overstock, and I got it for $18.64! I wanted to get it a while ago when it was $35.00 at Disneyland, but I didn't have the money then really. Then I got my John Lennon purse, but that's been loved to raggedness. So, I figured it was time for a new purse, and I wanted to get one with bamboo handles. That's when I remembered the Enchanted Tiki Room purse. I absolutely love it! It's perfect for me and is plastic so will probably last longer.

Aaaggh!! I am so pissed at myself! I was planning on watching this special on the History channel about Egypt. It was on today at 7:00 pm and I completely forgot! Maggie was playing her game. Argh! Man! Well, hopefully it'll be on again.

An extremely cool person on here called green-kiwis sent me a page I hadn't seen before full of Daniel pics and wallpaper. I'd seen some of the pics before, and the one from Holiday isn't really Daniel, plus I don't like the pictures from Need, of course, but all in all it's a great page. green-kiwis also sent me a couple of notes and I added her to my favourite diaries (I'm on hers too).

I have a Daniel themed neopets profile now! Goodness knows why I didn't think about making one before.

*sighs* You know, the more people tell me how strange it is for me to be in love with someone who supposedly doesn't exist, the more I really don't care. I've believed characters from shows and such could really exist from when I was little, just like nearly everyone. The difference with me is that while most people when they get older begin to get a bit too rational, and stop believing in the possibility of things beyond this reality. My beef with this is, why? I mean, why can't those characters which have so much heart actually exist somehow? Why can't there be a sort of alternate dimension that we can one day access? Perhaps it's pathetic and idealistic of me to think this way, but I don't care. What's the point of enjoying shows and the like if there is no real substance to them. I mean sure, I can admire the work that people put into it all, and I do, but why actually get in to the shows and such, the characters themselves? Now I'm going to be thirty in three years, and I say, I don't want to close my mind to the possibility of more than the currently tangible. There again, though, ghosts, Heaven, Hell, all that. So many people believe in that stuff; I do myself. I just don't see why those things are so much easier to believe. I mean, they can't be proven either, aren't tangible.
Some people may be worried that I'm turning my back on the physical reality. I can assure you this isn't the case. If anything, I have more of a life than a lot of other people. So I don't party 'till the wee hours of the morning or anything like that. My fellow geeks understand me (for the most part) at least.

Another thing I realise when people try to convince me to "get a life" as it were, is how much I actually love Daniel. I know the difference between infatuation and true love, and I know that as long as Daniel is who he is, I'll continue to love him. I don't care if that seems crazy. As far as I'm concerned, it's really not crazy at all. What would be crazy is if I denied how I feel. Sure, I could not deny it but still not tell others, but I don't see why when those whose affections are easier for the majority to understand are free to talk about people they like and love, why I can't, as well.
The fact of the matter is that I love Daniel. I want everyone to know this, and I enjoy talking about him and how much I love him. The more I see him and think about him, the more I love him, and I don't see anything that's likely to happen changing that.

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