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AtU and Max


Guess what I just watched for the seventeenth time?!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!! Now I am super high and happy and can't concentrate very well. Yeah, it came on three days ago, but I found out about it two days ago. I went to watch my scenes on YouTube, and I saw they were all unavailable. I was rather bummed about this at first, but then I remembered someone on the IMDB AtU board had said a friend of hers found the movie online but it was really crappy, and we were all saying we just needed to see the movie again! She didn't post a link, though, but I was thinking perhaps she'd posted one now, and I went to find the post, and found one entitled: "'Across the Universe' Finally Leaked" instead, so that sounded promising, and I found, not only is the movie available, but on YouTube, complete, clear scenes of all the songs! No wonder the other person took off their scenes! Yeah, "Hey Jude" is the best, of course. That's the scene I'll always watch before I go somewhere, but actually, I don't really watch just the scenes anymore for the most part, as all I really want to do is watch the movie itself. That's it. I don't want to just talk about the movie, or only listen to songs from the movie... I want to hear the songs in the movie, see the movie itself, as I said. I knew that would happen once I could watch the movie again, but man, yeah, boy. Seriously, if I could, I would be doing nothing but watching AtU 24-7. Oh, except, the scene starting from when Jude gets to the protest at the college, on through until he's in the holding cell, you know. I have to fast forward all that, but that's not that long of a scene, even though I can't stand it, so I don't very well feel as though just fast forwarding that little bit means I haven't watched the whole movie for all inents and purposes (there are of course other parts I don't like, but I can watch them, even though they make me feel bad, except one bit during "Strawberry Fields Forever", but I just have to look down for that).

Yeah, it's a bit ironic to me that the day the movie became available, I didn't say anything in regards to Max or anything on Diaryland. I didn't even know, so, yeah (incidentally, Dylan is still the coolest person on this earth, and I'll say more about that, plus about getting my very own copy of "In His Own Write", which is of course not from Dylan, but an even cooler person, in my next entry).

Oh, my God, though, you know, I think I forgot how beautiful Max is. I couldn't really see him, his eyes or anything. All the scenes were, if not rather blurry, really dark and like shadowy, if that makes sense, and actually, even now, with the YouTube videos, even though they're alot clearer, and brighter, and I can see his eyes, I still can't see his freckles, and I couldn't with the copy of the movie I was watching before, the 16th time I saw it, you know, you couldn't see his freckles there, either, but with the copy I'm watching now, you have to download this video viewing thing to see it, but it doesn't take up much memory or anything, and anyway, it's totally worth it, because for the most part, it's about as clear as if it was on the telly, you know, and I can see his freckles!

The only bad thing about watching the movie online is that it's in two parts, but of course, having to click on another link to watch the second part is a lot better than not being able to watch it at all, I will tell you what.

Yeah, though, getting back to Max, Man, and I mean, I think the sound quality must have been not as good, either, with those YouTube scenes before, because like, I can hear, I mean, his voice is more clear, and it sounded beautiful, but again, I forgot how truly beautiful he is for all around, you know; it wasn't clear. I mean, at least I could see his personality, but I wasn't seeing how he's really supposed to look and sound with all that, you know. I love all of that together, all of him coming through, if I'm making any sense. Oh, man, though, is he beautiful. Man, oh man, and there are all these scenes, like "Because", and "Blackbird", and parts just where he's talking, and even when he's being silly, he's still so beautiful, and he has the most beautiful laugh, oh, and I couldn't see well, when he smiles near the end of "Hey Jude", when he hugs Jude, you know, god, I just, man, I am so in love with him. He is just so it, you know. No one will ever take his place. I know that. I feel it. Oh, and I think perhaps I do love Max more than John, even though I love John more than Joe, James and Dylan. He's just so amazing to me. I want to be around hm all the time, one reason why "I Only Want To Be With You" is on my "Songs That Remind Me Of Max" playlist (which I haven't felt as much like listening to now that I can totally watch him in the movie; I mean, why should I just listen to songs that remind me of him, then?) So, yeah, I don't think I really have anything else to say for this entry.

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