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Catching Up And Such/New Obsession


I have a lot of catching up to do.

First off, I have to say, the thirty first was my 10th weekiversary of falling in love with Max.

I realise I should have said that on the day, but I've been busy poring over the Bob Dylan scrap book, which I got I think a day or two before. I received the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead a cou[ple days later, which obviously is also awesome, but hasn't captured my attention nearly to the extent of the scrap book.

You know, I think I won't be saying every weekiversary from now on. I'll think about them, of course, but not necessarily note them in my diary. It gets choring to note each week. The really important ones are the months and years anyway.

So, we're in 2008, according to the rules of this sort of thing set out by our screwed up world, or whatever. Technically, the new year should start at the beginning of Spring, March 1st, but again, whatever. This year, in any case, I turn thirty, which is lovely. Seriously. I'm quite happy to be past my twenties, finally! As well, we get a new president, hopefully, this time around, we'll get someone who really knows what they're doing. I am squarely in the Obama fence myself. He may be rather a bit of a newcomer to the political circuit, but I really think he knows a lot more about what the people need than a lot of the politicians who've been in the game for some time. I actually really like Kucinich, as well, but the clear choice is Obama, seeing as independents never win. I mean, it's true that I'd be throwing my vote away if I voted for Kucinich. Maybe one vote won't make much of a difference in whether Obama is elected, either, but it will be a lot better put to use with him than with Kucinich anyway.

Oh, I meant to say about the whole Sammy fiasco. Right. I was having a hard time with cleaning him and his cage and all, and decided I couldn't care for him anymore. I put an add up for him, then nobody responded, but we found out Theresa's Country Pet, where we got him, would take small pets (though they won't buy them, you know), so, yeah, we gave him back there (and I took off the add thing), and pretty soon after that, I began to realise something: I really missed Sammy! I didn't even realise how important he is to me, to Maggie and me. She really missed him, as well, but I mean, he's my baby boy! He's the Samster, you know. Anyway, we figured out an easier way to clean his cage, which cuts that problem considerably, but I think I'd find a way to deal with it even if that wasn't the case. Sammy is definitely a part of the family, and it took getting rid of him for a bit to realise that. Oh, yeah, I meant to say, once we understood that, we called Theresa's to get him back. It wasn't that likely someone would have gotten him, but I'm glad they didn't anyhow. If that happened, I'm sure I would have cried. I mean, he could have gone to another good home, but you know. I am glad though, weird to say, because we did get him back, and I think if that hadn't happened, we wouldn't realised how important Sammy is to us. So, yeah.

Anyway, going back to Dylan. I have new obsession. Man, I mean, when I was a kid, I though he was boring! Shit! Even later, I didn't really get him, you know, but wow. I was saying before, the man truly is a genius. He never wanted to be the voice of a generation, but he was in a lot of ways, literally, and I think part of that was the sheer fact that he's never tried to be a spokesperson for the people. He merely stated how he felt about the world around him and various other things that inspired him in some ways, through his music, and I think that makes him even more respectable than if he wasn't just one of the people, but could sum up what a lot of others were feeling in the early and middle 60s, even if he didn't have all the answers, wasn't any sort of prophet, you know. I think it's easier now for him to understand why people felt that way, being removed from the middle of it at this point.
Yeah, though. I am listening to Dylan right now. He's all I feel like listening to pretty well for now. I'm sure I'll ease up soon enough, but I'm just now starting to realise his awesomeness, you know so, yeah.

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