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Human Rights/Tin Man/Empathy And Helping


Today was Human Rights Day. I found out about that on YouTube. I'm glad there's a day to note the vast importance of respecting and aiding our fellow man.

On a similar note to that, I love the miniseries "Tin Man". I actually meant to talk about it before. I'm a little surprised I didn't. Yeah, people are wondering "What does that have to do with human rights?" I'm getting to that. I took a quiz, "What 'Tin Man' Charter Are You?" My favourite is DG, and it said I'm second least like her, which I do not get, but my second favourite is Raw, and it said I'm the most like him, which I definitely understand, because, like me, he's extremely empathetic, and he can sense events from the past. I think if I was in that reality, Iíd be what Raw is (not that I'd want to be in that particularly reality, of course, at least not permanently , but for argument's sake, I mean, saying if I was supposed to be part of it, and I'd been born there, not as exactly who I am here, you know).

It's hard for me, sometimes, because I can't just ignore other people's problems, or just say "Gee, that's too bad". I literally can feel what they're going through, emotionally, and it can hurt as much when I think about someone suffering thousands of miles away as when I learn about something bad happening to someone I know personally. I can't just detach from stuff that "doesn't concern me", and that's a big part of why it pisses me off that so many others who are in a fair way seem to just not care at all, like they think if they can't see it directly, (heck, sometimes even when they can), it's not really happening, or maybe they think since they don't know these people, that it doesn't matter, but it does matter. They could be in the same situation if not for circumstances leading them to where they are, and regardless, it's happening. It's real. The individuals going through all these horrible things all over, including right in the States are just like you and me in many ways. They just want to be okay, to be happy, their family and friends care for and worry about them, wish they could do more to help. Even those with no real friends and family to speak of still deserve a break. They're still human.
Everyone's so big on what matters to "me", well, what matters to me is everyone else. I just wish there was more I could do to help. I wish I was a billionaire, because I'd seriously use over half the money to help others. I can easily live on about twenty thousand a year, less even.

At least there are things like Care2, and there are more individuals who care. It just, Iím beginning to wonder if things will ever improve if more donít start to truly care. Itís never enough to make things better, always just enough so things donít get worse.

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