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17/10/2007 - 8:44 p.m. to 10:42 pm

Explanations/New Glasses/Max as Maxee and, Scene, His Freckles, Personality and College Stuff, Distraction

I meant to say, I think it sounded before like I was saying I like Jude, Lucy and Jo-Jo second, all the same, you know, but I really like Jude second, and Lucy and Jo-Jo third.
Also, a while back, I was talking about this restaurant and play Mum and Wendy and Maggie and I and a bunch of other people went to, and had to continue talking about ti in another entry, and I was thinking I said I'd talk about it tomorrow, abut it wasn't for another couple of days, so I said I lied, but I didn't say exactly when I would start talking about it again, so I really didn't lie. Yeah, just wanted to clear that up!

Oh! I got new glasses! They are awesome! They're maroonish, and sort of rounded, but pointed at the corners, and the company that makes them is called Max! I know, as if they weren't cool enough. *grins*

I've been calling Max Maxee every once in a while. Mostly, I think that, as in when I'm watching the scene with "I Want You", I'm thinking, Poor Maxee! I actually don't like that scene as much I used to. I mean, the visuals are interesting from an objective standpoint, but now when I see it, I'm just feeling bad for Max. I'm not really thinking about how everything looks. "Strawberry Fields Forever" I didn't like right away since it is a bit more intense, or a lot, even, and more than just with Max, but yeah, the drafting scene in "I Want You", I don't totally dislike it, but it isn't one of my favourites like it used to be.

I have noticed that Max is a freckle face. Daniel has a few freckles around his eyes, but not nearly the extent of Max. His forehead is particularly freckly, but his actual face definitely has its fair share of noticeable freckles. I have a few freckles around my cheeks and eyes, but they're not very noticeable. I had a lot of freckles as a kid, but they've all but totally disappeared. I think Daniel is the same way. It's funny. Most people, their freckles pretty well go away when they're older, but that obviously isn't always the case. I used to think it was when I was a kid, until I met the mum of a friend I unfortunately haven't really been able to keep in touch with, but yeah, she has freckles, and I actually said to her that I didn't know adults can have freckles, but obviously I do now!

Oh, I was saying all the things about Max's personality that are similar to mine are also like Daniel's, but that's not true. I mean. the whole thing about Max not being the college going, degree getting sort, that, of course, does not fit Daniel. I mean, if anything, he's the opposite. I'm in the middle. I didn't mind college so much. The learning was great, but I had trouble really applying myself for that advanced degree, you know. I think in a sort of way that I don't think a lot of my professors really understood or appreciated, so there's that, too.

I've realised something about Max. He's a distraction. What I mean is that, when I'm thinking a lot about him, talking about him and all, I don't think as much about the fact that I can't be with Daniel, you know, and I'm not feeling so down. If I could be with Daniel, I doubt I'd be thinking of Max nearly so much, if at all. I know, that sounds bad. I really do care about him, though, and I mean, I don't think it hurts to have someone to take my mind (oh, my second favourite Beatles son-"Penny Lane" is on right now *smiles*) off of missing Daniel too much, as long I'm not going too far with it, you know, which I couldn't, even if I wanted to, which (okay, it's over, the song, I mean, and ooh, now my favourite Beatles song is on, which is All You Need Is Love, if you didn't know) I don't. Yeah, it isn't as though I don't truly care about Max, really. I just, yeah, you know. I needed something big to get into all around, and someone in that I could think about. AtU and Max are too perfect for that.

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