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08/10/2007 - 10:22 a.m. to 11:41 p.m.

HSM Ice Show/Must See SciFi Friday/AtU Stuff/Daniel


I've been busy.

First off, I went to the High School Musical ice show Thursday evening. It was a lot of fun. They packed two movies into two hours, so it was rather condensed, but you got the gist of things. I definitely think the best skater was the one who played Ryan. He was doing all these flips. It was awesome. Another even more awesome thing, the actors from the actual movies were there, since it was opening night. They weren't there for publicity or anything, though. They just wanted to check out the show. I didn't see everyone totally, but Corbin was very close to us (Maggie and me), and I saw Ashley tilt her head foreword laughing in reaction to something that happened with her character in the show (It's hard to explain, but I couldn't see her that well until she went forward due to the angle. At any rate, though, it was pretty sweet that they were there.

Friday has become can't miss SciFi day yet again. I've started watching “Doctor Who” again. There was a plot that went on and it looked so interesting, we had to see it all, and make sure of how the Doctor would get on, I mean, even knowing he'd be fine, and Captain Jack returned for a bit! Also, Martha wasn't so bad. I can't say I'm completely unhappy seeing her go, but it would have perhaps (nap time) ********* (Okay, nap time's over, plus I was watching SG-1) been cool getting to know her as more than barely an acquaintance. I know she was a bit jealous of Rose, but she doesn't think of it the same way I do, of course. I actually figured nothing would develop between her and the Doctor. I mean, he knows who his soul-mate is. I just felt weird for a bit, you know, seeing another girl there.

Oh, and I've decided to start saying more on Atlantis here. First off, it is so awesome to me that Sam is in Atlantis. She's my third favourite person in all of Stargate (Teal'c is my second favourite, and we all know my first favourite). So, now Teyla is my second favourite person in Atlantis. I wonder if Sam is with SG-1 at all anymore. I'd like to know how that came about. Yeah, though, it's quite sweet having someone who was on SG-1 on Atlantis. The best, of course, would be Daniel, and some people were wondering if he'll be on at all. that's possible, perhaps, at some point, but as it stands now, he's pretty well, lost any interest in Atlantis after the Morgan Lafey incident. (I've said it before, and I'll likely be saying it again, stupid Ancients!)
Yeah, though, as far as what's been going in the show. I so don't disagree with McKay reenacting Dr. Weir's nanites. If I'd been in his position, there is no way I could have just let her die. I know they had to leave her, but there's still a chance she could be okay, and because of all that, they were able to fool the Replicators and reenable that command for them to attack the Wraith. McKay definitely made the right decision. It's funny, I didn't realise how concerned I'd be about Dr. Weir. I mean, until then, I always felt I thought of her as perhaps a bit more than an acquaintance when I see her, you know, but even though she isn't that far on my list of favourites, I really do see her as a friend. I hope we see her again not too long from now, as well as Carson, who I actually like more than Dr. Weir. I know I'll see him again, but I don't know about Dr. Weir, and even though I won't miss Dr. Weir as much as Carson, I still obviously want to see her again. I don't know if when she comes back, Sam will have to step down, or will no longer be working in Atlantis, but I'm sure how ever everything happens, it will all work out the best way possible in the end, as it were.

I created an AtU diaryring. I still need to tweak it so it looks cool, you know. I also made an AtU character selector on Select Smart, with result graphics I'm the most like Lucy, it seems. Makes sense. I'm rather passionate about things, I'm an activist, and I cry easily. Plus I have the same name as her. *laughs* I still feel more in tune with Max somehow, though, for the ways I'm like him, even if overall I'm not as like him as I am Lucy. I actually got either him or Jude second, depending on the priority placed on my answer. Jude is second if I don't put any priority really, which is a bit odd to me. I've found my true love, I'm stubborn, and into art and all, but I didn't think of myself overall as being that much like Jude, at least I didn't feel like I was. Still, the selector doesn't lie.

Speaking more of AtU, I'm going to see it again tomorrow! Oh, and I almost forgot to say, the other thing I'm a lot like Max with, we're both curious. Actually, everything I've said, Daniel is like that. Max is actually a lot like Daniel in this obscure sort of way. To be honest, the affinity I have for Max freaks me out a bit. I mean, I know I'll never love him as much or the way I do my angel, but I've had this sort of feeling with people before, the last strongest one was Hoss, but it's never been as strong as with Max. It's a bit crazy, and a little worrisome. I mean, not really. I know no one will ever replace Daniel in my heart, and as much as I love Max, he's nowhere near Daniel in my heart, but the affection I have for him is still quite close in comparison to everyone else this has happened with. Oh well, though. I suppose I should just enjoy it. Oh, and I have to emphasise, even though I am definitely attracted (very attracted) to Max, I never think about, you know, everything I think about with Daniel, being with Daniel, you know. My God, I couldn't dream of thinking about romance for anyone besides him. It's not even a matter of being weird, it's just not anywhere near as appealing to me to imagine being romantic with someone besides my angel. It just isn't going to happen.

Speaking more on Daniel, "Fallen was on today. They played "Fragile Balance" already, so I though I missed it, but apparently not. It's weird when they do that. "Homecoming" should be on tomorrow, in which case I'll miss it. I'll just watch it on DVD. I have to see the conclusion, you know. God, I hate the beginning of that, when he's upset about not remembering and all. The best is when he is calling Sam and Jack by the names he knows them as, you know, and you know he's pretty well, gotten back in the swing of things, and he remembers his friends totally, and he's not upset anymore. I'm not exactly thinking anything inappropriate these days at the very beginning of that episode, because you know, as I said, of course, he's still upset and confused and all at that point, but I do have to admit it's nice having a reference to think about later, not in that situation, you know. My god, though, he is so beautiful. I may not have been attracted to him right off, but now that I know him, now that I know he's my angel, no one else can compare. He's so amazing. I mean, my God. I just, you know in AtU, when Jude and Lucy are in the water, and they're naked and just so close you know, and it's so beautiful, or that famous image of John and Yoko, I just want to be so close to him in that way, romantically, sexually, yes, but with that absolute love, that spiritual connection. I keep thinking about taking my face in his hands and telling him "Daniel, my angel, you are so, so beautiful, so much more than these words, and I love you so much more than I can ever tell you", and then I'd kiss him like he'd never been kissed before. It's nice thinking about him making me happy, certainly, but imagining that, showing him my love to the best of my ability, that's the best thing in terms of that, you know. If I could be with him, well, this is impossible, but for argument's sake, I wouldn't care if there was no way he could pleasure me, as long as I could make him happy. God, I love him. I am in love with him, and I know I always will be.

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