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02/10/2007 - 1:06 a.m. to 3:30 a.m.

"Help!" And A Bit More On The Beatles/More on AtU, Well, Mostly Max/A Bit On Love And Crushes/A Few Other Things


I just watched "Help!"! I forgot how awesomely quirky that movie is. I also remember the last time I saw that, my favourite Beatle was George, only, reading some of the poetry I wrote at that time, I think my favourite was always John, but I thought it was George, for some reason. Maybe not, but I sure was enamored of John. He's definitely my favourite now, in any case. George is my second favourite.

I also saw AtU twice in a row yesterday! Once at 12:40, and again at 3:50. I've now seen that movie five times! I want to see it at least six, though. I have to wait until after the fourth, however, unfortunately, as we're going to this "High School Musical: On Ice" thing, which I'm sure will be fun, but it's already the second, and I can't do a big adventure so close to another big adventure, you know. Well, if it's AtU, yeah, I can see it every other day, but so close to the ice show, I won't even feel like going to the ice show! I want to go, though, so, yeah. Yeah, though, I will definitely be seeing AtU again after the fourth.
I am so addicted to that movie! It's ridiculous. I know I said that before, but it bears repeating. Oh, I've been meaning to say, I really like "I Want You" and "Happiness is a Warm Gun", those scenes, but I feel bad for Max in the part I mean with IWY and the first part in HIAWG, especially that part. It's a bit sad, though, even in the song when it's going more, because he just needs that to forget about things, you know, and then he just falls asleep. It's very sweet, somehow. I've thought to myself a few times that he's a sweetie while watching the movie. Anyway, though, yeah, the way it's done, it's not really bad, and he's not unhappy, you know, at least for the time being, at that point, and obviously he gets better after "Blackbird", so, yeah, I do like it still, for why I said. Max doesn't always seem like a sweetie, but he really is. He reminds me of myself in some ways, not that I'm a sweetie. I mean, I suppose I am in some ways, but I'm really very slightly changing the subject. You see, I get frustrated with things fairly easily for one, and when a big problem is riding me, little problems seem worse. Max is like that, and actually, so is my Daniel (and I would just like to take this opportunity to say that no matter how much I praise Max, he will never hold a candle to my angel, and for that matter, neither will anyone else). As well, he's obviously very smart, but he doesn't do well with the whole college situation. I'm the same way. There was one other thing, at least that I noticed, but I can't remember what it was. Changing the subject a bit again, but still on Max, I like that he gets back to being himself again, really, but he's grown up some. It would have been better for him to mature and all without going to war, to learn all that without the battles, you know, but I suppose that's something you can say for it, if it had to happen, though I would have still liked him as much if that hadn't happened. I think he sees himself as someone more, that there's more to life, and how he lives it, you know, so that's good, at least, again, seeing as it had to happen that way. Perhaps he wouldn't have realised that otherwise.
Changing the subject a bit yet again, but not the basic content, obviously this is impossible now, which is just fine with me, but I really think I could have fallen in love with Max at a time. He doesn't seem like the sort I'd fall in love with, at first, but he really is when it comes down, you know. That's like with Hoss, Adam, and John (Doe), and there I am indeed digressing rather a bit, but yeah. It's funny how I can tell when I would just have a crush on someone, and when I could have fallen in love with them. I mean, I suppose it's not that odd. It makes sense that I would get that hint when I see anyone I'm attracted to, you, know, besides my angel, who I'm obviously in love with anyway, I would be able to tell the way I see them, whether there could have ever been more than just a crush. One person I would just have a crush on is Flash, incidentally, also I could have had a crush on Angel in "Cheetah Girls 2". Oh, and James, of course. I couldn't fall in love with him, because I have to see enough of a person where I can tell how I'd get on with them when they were upset, things like that. You can't generally tell that with famous people here, you know.

A few more things: I got this incredible lemon mousse cake dessert thing at Macaroni Grill, also I got that 3 Musketeers mint. That is nummy! Also, the "Futurama" where it says "When you see the robot, drink!" at the beginning was on. I love that, but I can usually hold my liquor, even so, the way I drink with that, I tend to get a tad buzzed. I'm definitely buzzed at the moment.

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