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So, yeah. "Across the Universe". I saw it yesterday. ( got home late, and was rather tired, which is why I didn't say about it sooner; I wasn't even able to watch all of Flash). I wasn't thinking about how awesome it could be, and then when I realised it was a musical, thinking about how it's inspired by the Beatle's music, has their music in it, so, yeah. To get to the point: This movie is astounding! Wow! I LOVE this movie! If it does not get nominated for best picture, cinematography or whatever you call it, direction, special effects, costumes, whatever else is possible, and preferably win at least a few of those, I will be certain the Academy Awards are rigged. AtU is one of those movies where (despite the obviously kick ass soundtrack) at any point something could have happened that made you not like it as much, but everything worked out just the way you want it. There was some sad stuff, particularly the scene with "Let it Be". I think if you don't at least tear up in that scene, then it's quite possible you have no heart. It's beautiful, though, certainly, and it works, in a way where things overall end up perfect, you know. Everything that needs to happen happens. Of course the numbers are spectacular. The choreography is super creative, and beyond that part of it even, the story is solid. The main characters are all super cool. It's very awesome that they all have names from Beatles songs, but then, that figures. By the time we totally meet Prudence, I was just thinking that had to be her name because it's the only one left that makes sense! *laughs* Oh, and I love that scene, too. Obviously this isn't the name of anyone in a Beatles song (except for Dr. Robert and Mr. Kite, only the main people had names taken from Beatles songs), but I found it a bit ironic on my part that Lucy's old boyfriend was named Daniel. Obviously they aren't soul-mates, so, yeah, it's funny, seeing as how my name is Lucy, and my soul-mate is named Daniel. At any rate, my favourite character is definitely Max. He's one of those complicated characters there's a lot more to than some might see at first. I actually liked him a lot right from his introduction (I liked all the characters right off, but with him it was the most, even if I wasn't sure he'd ultimately be my favourite character at that point). He reminds me of myself in some ways, too, actually. My second favourite character is probably Prudence. She's very sweet, but also very passionate. There's something about her that you're not really supposed to be sure about, or you may think one thing, and it's actually another situation, and I was pretty darn sure right from the start, incidentally (I'm not going to say too much about what happens overall in the movie because everyone needs to actually see it).
Man, the stuff with Jude and Lucy, showing how much they love each other, I'm always a sucker for that, you know.
I was so glad they played "All You Need Is Love". I mean, it makes sense, totally, but yeah. That's obviously my favourite Beatles song. My favourite scene was actually with "Hey Jude". Most of my most favourite scenes (including the two I just mentioned) were the most simple in terms of not having special effects or major dance numbers, not that those scenes weren't awesome, as well. Three of my other favourite scenes are with "I've Just Seen A Face", "It Won't Be Long" and "I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends". It probably helps that those are some of my favourite songs, but that's not all of it. The choreography in "I've Just Seen A Face" and "With A Little Help From My Friends" I probably enjoy the most. I love the subtle yet very musicalish sort of way about them. My favourite more special effectsy sort of scenes are probably with “I Want You”, “Dear Prudence” and “Happiness is a Warm Gun”. My favourite voices are Lucy's, Max's, Prudence's and Jojo's. Yeah, this is so one of my very favourite movies now. I'm definitely getting it on DVD, and Maggie and I are seeing it again on the 25th. I can hardly wait!

Now I feel the need to emphasise something. I still feel James is the greatest artist. The Beatles are amazing, but their songs don't move me the way his songs do. "Carry You Home" brings me to tears every time I listen to it. I mean, "Let it Be" sort of makes me cry, but not the way "Carry You Home" does (at least when not paired with that scene in "Across the Universe"). "Give Me Some Love" doesn't make me cry, but it does frustrate me, I mean the song itself doesn't frustrate me, but the reason he wrote it does. I suppose if there's anything good about those assholes saying awful stuff about James, it's knowing crap like that can fuel his creativity, and I mean, you can't avoid that shit. I would still rather it not happen, though.
At any rate, he's holding a concert on the 27th, at Spaceland. Tickets go on sale the 24, and there are only 250 of them. I'm determined to get a couple, though. My God. It's such a small venue. I can't even imagine how cool, and it's his last concert in L.A. this year. He only has two, as it is, and the other one's already sold out.

So, yeah, you'll notice I took a very long time to finish this entry. I was mostly surfing, listening to music, watching videos, posting on message boards and such. Usually, of course, I try to finish my entries up more quickly, but I don't know. I guess I was just being more casual about it.

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