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So, anyone who read my last entry probably noticed that I put when I started writing in my diary, and when I finished. Again, like the day of the week, I like to keep as full track of my entries in terms of when they were typed and such, as I can. I never thought of this before though, as I'd never been in a position where I was watching An episode of SG-1 like in the way I do with "The Changeling", when I was typing in my diary, you know.

I'm feeling a sort of false madness at the moment, though many would argue that I am mad.

I just made a playlist that is currently called "Untitled". I have to think of a fitting title, as Madness doesn't work, because I'm not truly mad, perhaps a little, in some ways, but not in the ways people think. I'm madly in love (and you know what I'm saying).

I was just listening to "Out Of My Mind" from James, and now "Where is My Mind?" (James' cover, obviously). I have those two songs, "Mad World" and "Unwell", though I need to move WIMM to where "Unwell" is. Also, I need to add more songs.

Hey, speaking of James. Oh, my god, check this out. I think it's awesome that he's singing to an original Sesame Street Muppet. Grover was always my favourite, but Tully is a close second. I actually didn't see this when it was on, and I'm a bit frustrated about that, but maybe I'll happen to catch it, and at least I can watch it on You Tube. It seems to me I did hear about it, but forgot. That's the sort of thing which made me begin creating notepad documents announcing events on television I'm interested in that I may forget when they're on and such if I don't type them down. I always remember now, even with only seeing the document one time. Maggie was saying maybe just the knowledge of typing it down makes me think about when it's on and all in a sharper way, well, she didn't say that, exactly, but something to that effect.
Yeah, I donít watch ďSesame StreetĒ so much since Elmo came on, well, itís fun, but Iím not so into preschool, really young kids shows so much these days, but Iíd watch a bit os ST for nostalgia reasons, but only a little, when I do, as inevitably, Elmo comes in to ruin things. Elmo is , in my opinion, incredibly overrated. That whole talking in the third person thing can be cute, but with him, itís just irritating. I donít see how anyone over four can find him enjoyable, but the worst of it is, as Iíve basically said, heís in practically every scene. He even takes scenes these day that would have gone to older, cooler ST Muppets (especially Grover, it feels like). Thatís not to say I dislike any new characters. Zoe, for one, is adorable. I love how she wears that tutu. Sheís sweet, and not at all overbearing. She fits in well and doesnít seem like sheís trying to overshadow the others, unlike Elmo, and I do have to say, right here, that I donít mean to offend fans of Elmo. I respect your opinion of the character, Iím just saying, personally, I do not understand it, and yeah, Iím digressing rather from my original point, which is that I wish Iíd happened to catch James on ST, actually, at least, but yeah, as Iíve pretty well said, itís not really a problem.

You know, James album comes out the 18th here, but Wikipedia says it comes out the 17th, which is only true in the UK. Wikipedia perhaps could adjust their editing policies, as information on there, as of late, has been incorrect in a number of cases, including James, not everything, but As I've said, his birth date, the U.S. release date of "All the Lost Souls", and I think a few other things. I haven't read all the way through it, and I tried to edit things on there, and someone changed it all back! So, yeah, bit annoyed at Wikipedia, but I think perhaps overall they're still a fine information source. I just need to explain things about James. I mean, thatís really the thing. I just felt like complaining, it seems.

Oh, I won Cameron (the teddy bear on eBay)! ^_^

"Abyss" was on today (yes, you knew I'd get to that). Now only "Full Circle" is left, and I can't even watch all of that. I look forward to seeing "Abyss" first, but then, especially, of course, seeing "The Changeling" near the end of 6th season. I don't know why they're mixing the episodes up. It's frustrating, but oh, well.

I was at Long's and there was this sticky notes booklet thing of love sayings, and I was reading it, there was one: "I love everything about you," and it preceded to say all these things like, "I love the way you laugh," "I love the way you kiss", I love all your toes," "I love the way you eat spaghetti" (I don't know how he eats spaghetti, or even if he likes it, but if he does, I love the way he eats it), and on like that, ending with, "and that's only the beginning." As well, "Far Away was playing over the speakers in the store while I was reading this. It made me cry. I cry so easily, but especially when it comes to stuff like that, thinking about, in terms of being with Daniel, how I wish I could just be with him, experience him personally, now, here, or better for him (and therefore, for me) where he is. I mean, I'm happy for people who can be together, and I wouldn't wish to be with my angel at the expense of others not being with who they love and all, but I can't say I'm not envious. I try not to think about that aspect, though, just stay positive, think about how I'll be with him one day, but stuff like that, I can't help it getting to me at times. I think I'm pretty good at staying positive, though, particularly as I love listening to my "Faith" playlist, thinking about, again, how I will be with him. That's most important, of course. It's not hopeless, even if I can't spend this mortal life with him.

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