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08/09/2007 - 6:01 p.m.

Season 10 On DVD/WWTBAS?/Flash Ship/Faith/Dream/Love


Maggie got me season 10 of SG-1 on DVD!!! I now have every season! Now I can watch "Bad Guys", "The Shroud", any episode of season 10 I want without having to worry about the picture quality or glitches form recording or anything! The only thing I have a problem with is the picture on the front doesn't include Vala (Oh, and Daniel's not on the back at all, where they show the scenes, there's one with him as the cowardly lion in "200", but that's the just pretend, and not actually him at all, so of course it doesn't count, but somehow that's not as frustrating). I mean, hello, she's totally part of the team for most of season 10! That was really unfair of whoever designed that box. If they ever bring out a set which does include her on the front of the box, I probably won't be able to get it. Maybe I'll be able to actually just get the box, again, that's if someone ever actually designs one. Yeah, though, that really bugs me, but I suppose I'll have to get used to it.

The last episode of the second season of "Who Wants To Be A Superhero" was on Thursday. The Defuser was the winner. I was rooting for Hyperstrike or Hygena, but I definitely think The Defuser deserved to win, as well. Honestly, he probably made the most improvements since the beginning.
I have to say, as far as the three of them, they all look like their real names, and Hyperstrike, John Stork, that's like how a lot of superheroes have secret identities that fit their persona, and you know, Hyperstrike really agile and all, like a stork, but of course there's more to being a superhero than that, though I think he has it, but yeah, again, I do see where Stan was coming from when he picked The Defuser.

I have developed a ship for Flash, which isn't exactly surprising. Just about every show I'm into, if there's shipping possibility, I'm on that train, you know. So, I think some people will probably develop a ship for Flash and Baylin, but for me, it's the one where there's more of a history: Of course I mean Flash and Dale. It's so obvious they still have feelings for each other. Dale should break up with that guy. I don't trust him anyway. Of course, that could be because I want something to be wrong with him so she'll think more about going to Flash. Yeah, though, in the latest episode, the way Dale was talking about hoping she could hold Flash tightly enough to make all his pain go away, after his father was supposedly killed. That's just, I mean, when I think about the way I am with Daniel, there's something to that.
And how she realised, really right away, which Flash wasn't Flash. Well, okay, that one was obvious, but even so, as for the other thing, and there are other clues. I just really think they're meant to be together. I know the show hasn't been on that long, but that's my view.

Speaking more on Daniel, I've been working on having more faith in respect to him. I'm not good with keeping faith, and it's so important, especially for something like this. I've been listening to a lot of songs that are about having faith, trusting in your heart and all that.
I actually created a "Faith" playlist, consisting of "Love Can Move Mountains", "Miracles Happen", "Magic", "What A Feeling", and "That's the Way it Is". I just created it today, and I'll probably be listening to it quite a lot from now on.

Oh, I had a dream about "Lost City, Part 2", where Jack couldn't speak still, except when he was being sarcastic, so, yeah, he was able to talk quite a bit.

So, going back to Daniel. I know I haven't talked about how much I love him lately, and I know that even when I do, I can never say enough about him, but my God. I just need to say again, I LOVE him! And these days, when I'm watching him, I'm just thinking ridiculously intently about how beautiful he is. It's almost overwhelming. You know, in aboout two and a half years, I'll have been in love with him for half a decade! There is no way I will ever stop loving him. All I'm thinking about pretty much these days is my Daniel, how much I love him, how much I want to hold him, kiss him and make love with him. I so just want to be with him! I mean, I really don't care what we'd do, as long as I could be there, close to him. It's incredible, what he means to me, more than everything, more than that. He is so incredible. Incredible isn't even the word. There are no words to describe how amazing Daniel is to me, so I suppose it's silly to say he's amazing, but oh well. I don't know what else to say except that he's beautiful, wonderful, incredible... God, it's so, I mean, when I say I love him more than anything else, anywhere, ever, I know I've said that so doesn't come close to describing how much I really love him, but it bears repeating. Sonofabitch I am so over the edge when it comes to my angel! I canít even, itís insane! Love like this, thereís no way anyone can love someone this much, so itís even more than love, but still, this feeling, love, or whatever, I donít see how itís possible to feel this strongly for a person, but hey, it canít actually be impossible, because I do feel it.

And I donít totally care that people donít understand, but it can be frustrating, at times, that I canít just tell people my situation in real life, outside of the internet, where it could be detrimental that Iím in love with a ďfictionalĒ television show character. *sighs* Oh, well, though. I have to keep loving him. I want to keep loving him, and I won't let the fact that I have to hide the depth of my love bother me, at all.

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