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01/09/2007 - 9:08 p.m.

Taped "Mega Snake"/SG-1 Marathon And All/More Dreams/Concert


I taped "Mega Snake". It was on yesterday. I don't love that movie or anything, certainly, but I do think the main people are really cool. I love that it's the movie Feedback is in, obviously that Michael is in it is the main thing. It's not like there aren't a lot of problems with the movie, but it's really not as bad as a lot of people say. I actually probably will never watch it again, but I wanted to have it, you know, to say I do.

There was an SG-1 marathon on yesterday. It was so sweet! It was that top siz episodes, where of course they played the usual episodes they always play: "Moebius" "Moebius, Part 2", "A Matter of Time" (and I so don't understand why this episode always gets on the top six list), "Lost City" "Lost City, Part 2", and, of course, "Window of Opportunity". None of these are favourite episodes of mine, but except for AMoT, I can understand in some ways why these episodes tend to get picked for the top six episodes thing.

At any rate, then "Thor's Chariot" was on at 11:00 (this was all in the later afternoon and evening, and early this morning, starting at 4:00), and "The Tok’ra" and "The Tok’ra (Part 2)" were on at 1:00 and 2:00 this morning (as implied above).

Yeah, I don't like to watch most of AMoT, but I at least like a lot, for the most part, every other episode that played, and TC is actually one of my favourites (even if it is only on my top twenty five or thirty).
All in all, it was super awesome, as SG-1 marathons usually are (except, of course, when sucky episodes do happen to be on, but this time, even AMot isn't completely unwatchable).

Oh, my God. I have to talk about the dream I had this morning (Obviously, I got to bed a bit late). Well, I dreamt I woke up for a moment, still sleepy, you know, but how people do that, then go back to sleep, well, I was resting against someone. I don't think I have to say who that was. I looked up and he was sort of awake, and he smiled at me, then I rested against him again and fell back asleep, and I assume in my dream he also fell back asleep, and then I woke up in real life, and that was a bit disappointing, obviously but oh, well. I mean, I know I'll be with him one day, even if I may not be with him in the mortal way, as it were, and I am glad I had the dream, of course.

I am very happy, though, as far as that, because I hadn't been dreaming at all, save for the occasional flashes which could hardly be considered dreams. I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever dream again.

Oh, I also dreamt Michael portrayed a person in another show who also wore glasses, and I saw a picture, I think, and could tell it wasn't Daniel.

I also dreamt I somehow got a hold of Jon (Stewart) (this has nothing to do with Daniel or Michael, and neither does the next dream I'm going to talk about), somehow, and he said he wanted to go to Disneyland, or some place like that, and I said I'd take him there, and I guess I did, though I don't remember that part.

Then I dreamt there was a guy on a hill who was shooting at me, and I was shooting at him, you know, like a war situation, and I was trying to kill him, defending myself, you know, but I woke up before I actually killed him (or before he killed me, though it looked more like I would indeed end up killing him). I'm glad about that, because even in my dreams I prefer not to kill people, not that I've ever killed anyone, but you know what I mean. Maggie said I likely had this dream because of "24". The whole having to kill someone but not wanting to thing happens a fair bit on that show. He wasn't my friend or anything. I've also been playing "Fur Fighters", and I just got through "Roofus' Nightmare", with the war situation, you know. I suspect it was a little of both.

Maggie and I are going to a "Best of Both Worlds" concert!!! You know, with Miley (Cyrus), and she also performs as Hannah Montana. I'm so excited! People who read my diary a reasonable amount know I'm rather into the whole Disney Channel stars thing. Oh, heres the kicker: The Jonas Brothers are the opening act! Yes! Sweet, eh?! So, yeah, really happy about this!

The concert is in San Diego, which is a little far, but ti's worth it. The whole thing actually sold out in seconds, and Maggie bought tickets online. I think they were a little more than if we bought them from Ticket Master, but not too much, and it's totally worth it anyway. Dad actually has to drive us, and he's not going (and he doesn't want to go), but there's a movie theatre near there, and places to shop and all, so he shouldn't be bored. I love being the way I am, really into history, especially, science, but also cartoons and Disney Channel and such like that. As well, I don't care if some people think it's odd that a 29 year old is into the latter stuff I mentioned. I love what I love, and I love being an adult (and not a super young adult).

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