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22/06/2007 - 9:04 p.m.

"Unending", Also A Bit On Playlist/I Can't Believe It's Over!

Oh, my God! Okay, um, yeah, I don't know what the anti season 10 people are talking about with "Unending" not being good. Okay, no, seriously. I think maybe I love this episode! I got to see my angel when he's older! He still had hair! Not that I would have cared if he didn't obviously, but I'm thinking that had something to do with the "Moebius" situation. Okay, the thing with him and Vala did not bother me at all. They said they would've gotten into that situation anyway, but if that's the case, why didn't they? Anyway, my angel is just like that: Committed, you know. Actually, I think the thing is, he said he didn't stay with her because of being stuck on the ship, and I'm sure that's true. It's very obvious he'd fallen in love with her through that point, otherwise he wouldn't have become so angry at her right before they actually hooked up, but you knoe, even considering that they were really in love and all, the reason he even got to the point where he could fall in love with her is because of the situation they were in. In the real world, as it were, it's likely something would have happened to get them to break up (with no hard feelings on either side, I would hope). For Vala's part, actually, I can't read her as well, and I'm actually not certain if she really loved him, or if he was some sort of comfort to her. This is no offense to her. Vala is really very cool, but I'm not so sure, even at this point, that she'd be able to handle a long term, committed relationship if she had the freedom to seek other ventures, as it were. I know this is unfair, but I just can't help wondering... It seems like they remembered a little bit, somehow, but I'm not certain they realise even remotely what, and even if they do, just a little, I doubt very much either one of them is going to pursue it. That's another indication that this wasn't meant to be in normal time, even not considering the fact that they clearly are not soul-mates, but then, the fact that he was feeling for her, that he was falling for her in that time, during that time (which wasn't a moment, incidentally), shows again that Sha're is not his soul-mate, and Vala is most certainly not his soul-mate! God! I think he needed that then, though, you know, and even, now, he has this sense of things being easier to handle, I hope, even if he just can see Vala and the others more as that they're all in this together, and they're all going to make it, but yeah, for some reason, he needed that bit of relationship to somehow develop that knowing sense of it will all be okay, you know, and that's what he feels now. I really hope I'm right about that. I LOVED seeing him laugh so much in that one scene! I haven't seen him that happy in a while. I know that was all with them together, as friends, and I think, even though it got worse, he was left with that, but I think he maybe needed more than just that to see it now, somehow, you know.
Oh, off the topic of Daniel (as much as I hate to leave that), I really loved when they played "Have You Ever Seen the Rain". I hadn't heard that song in so long, and I love it SO much! I don't know what made me not think about it, not think about adding it to my "Folk & Folk Rock" playlist, but I've added it now, as well as to my "Reminds Me of SG-1" playlist, which consists of the obvious, specifically: "It's the End of the World As We Know It", "Carry On", now "Have You Ever Seen the Rain", "I'm Free", and "All You Need is Love". Yeah, not a lot, but maybe I'll think of more songs that remind me of SG-1 at some point, and even if I don't, I don't mind having only those five songs on there.
At any rate, this part is when I first thought I may love this episode. I felt really bad with Cameron around this part, but obviously everything got worked out. It did frustrate me that Cameron was so insistent about just blowing up the ship, regardless of the Asgard knowledge. I think he was just handling the situation badly, though. Oh, yeah. The Asgard. Man! Oh, first of all, what Daniel said about Thor's voice I so got that! I think I could somehow tell anyway, but especially after hearing him. It's was awesome hearing humans referred to as the Fifth Race! Finally! Yeah, though, I don't know if we'll maybe see a few of them again somehow, somewhere down the line, but I can't say I didn't see that coming. Also, I'm sure SG-1 can find a way to shield from the Ori ships. Oh, that is crazy about Teal'c! So now he's fifty years older! I mean, I suppose it doesn't make that much of a difference as far as the Jaffa life-span goes. It's just a bit wild before you get used to it. Actually, I'm rather used to it already!
Yeah, though, "Unending" was an amazing episode. I'm very glad I don't have to agree with the antis.

God, though, I can't believe the show is over! It's going to be so weird! I mean, there are the movies and all, and reruns, but it's not the same as new episodes every Friday, you know. Well, I'll obviously have to get used to it.

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