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19/06/2007 - 10:21 p.m.

Music/Still Stressing Some/"Icon" Scene/His Teeth and Cheeks

Music is so important to me. I think if I didn't have music in my life, I would seriously have had a nervous breakdown by now, I mean, considering my situation.

Speaking of, I'm still having trouble not stressing too much. I've seen a couple images from the very last part of "Unending", and it looks fairly positive. I'm actually thinking situation with him and Vala could help Daniel. I sort of said that before. I suppose I'm just emphasising. In any case, I can't wait that well for that episode, but I sort of can, too. I mean, it is the very last episode of the television show SG-1 ever! *sighs*

Oh, you know what I was saying, how I'm not obsessed with Daniel. Right. I am, just not in that stalker way. gives this definition for "Obsessed":

To have the mind excessively preoccupied with a single emotion or topic.

So, yeah, definitely obsessed. I wonder if people ever want to say, "God! Just Stop talking about Daniel so damn much!" Except they know I'm not going to.
Look at how many entries I've made that have to do with him in some way, or are completely about him. I'm certain I have some sort of record. Then there's my purse with the Daniel image on it, my Daniel desktop theme, my Daniel themed profile on neopets, not to mention my room is covered with pictures of Daniel. Yeah, I would certainly say my mind is preoccupied with him.

God! you know, "Icon" was on (there’s was a marathon, there’s another one tomorrow and the next day, and possibly also Friday), and the part where you see him right after the opening (which I can't watch, actually, that's a weird episode, like "Threads", where there's a lot I have to switch, but there are a lot of parts I like, so I can't just not watch the episode like with the ones I actually hate, which reminds me, I've decided to stop watching "Resurrection", also, I actually like "Threads better than "Icon" overall), and that's such a quick scene, by the time I take the time to switch to another channel real quick, it's over. At any rate, though, just that little scene, how weak he is and all. I just start shaking. I remember, as depressing as it was, when I watched my least favourite episode, because I merely had a crush on him, I didn't shiver like that. If I watched that episode now (and I'm not for a second considering doing that), I suspect I would just about go into convulsions.

You know, I've been thinking a lot about his teeth of all things. They are so beautiful! Yeah, I know it's odd to say someone's teeth are beautiful, but his are, and I wouldn't care if he didn't have teeth for some reason, but he does, and they're beautiful! Also, I really love his cheeks. They're very appleish, if you will, particularly when he smiles.

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