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18/06/2007 - 11:17 a.m.

Marathon/Banner and Modified Background/More Dreams/Perfectly Flawed

There is an SG_1 marathon on (no "24" today, and possibly tomorrow, as well), but currently the episode is "Tin Man", and I'd rather be listening to my Folk and & Folk Rock playlist than watch a robot version of my angel, not that the android Android Daniel wasn't cool, but you know. Also, I realise my Daniel is actually in this, but hardly at all, and even when he's there, you hardly see him. He's in shadow, or way in the background.

Oh, I made a banner. Actually, I made it before the background. I just forgot to show it. I was inspired to make this by Daniel talking about the plans in both "The Shroud" and "Dominion" in basically the same way:

One thing about that last background I made, I decided to modify it.

I had another SG-1 dream, maybe a day or two after watching "Dominion". It had something to do with a To'kra, and Sam needed to fix a DHD, I think. She was working with the crystals. I actually don't remember it all that well, unfortunately. I'm positive Daniel was in there somewhere, though.

I had another dream before that where I was caught in a tree wearing overalls (I was wearing overall, not the tree, and for the record, in real life, I would not be caught dead in overalls). For some reason my left hand was caught in the left strap. I believe I may have been left-handed in this dream. At any rate, I was thinking if I couldn't get down from the tree, I couldn't see Daniel. I don't know if I ever got out of my predicament, but the next thing I knew I was riding on a motorcycle behind Jennifer Lopez, whom I do not like, and my feelings were the same in the dream. I guess she needed to help me with something. I got the impression she didn't know I didn't like her, and I didn't tell her. I was holding a toddler later, though, an adorable little with blonde curly pig-tails girl wearing a pink pinafore dress. When Jennifer Lopez came around her she got really scared. Oh, and I think we were at some sort of play or exhibit, possibly. I don't know if I ever did get to Daniel. I remember the dream had a feeling like it ended, you know, but I don't remember how.

Oh, one dream I was thinking of that I forgot to mention when I actually had it, I dreamt I was in the Stargate reality, or Daniel was here, but either way, he was not on Abydos. He was living in a regular suburban house, but he was still married to Sha’re. I loved him, and he loved me, but circumstances prevented us from being together for the time being, of course. I didn’t like that dream.

I did like the dream where Michael sang on the side, and he was giving a concert in my backyard, which somehow turned into an ampitheatre, even though Daniel wasn’t in taht one.

Then there was the dream where I actually went through the Stargate. I think that could have been the first Stargate dream I ever had, and, obviously, it was AWESOME!

My angel has crooked teeth. It looks to me like he could also have shovel teeth, which are what it's called when your teeth, (most often the top front ones), have a ridge that makes them look "shovely". I have them, and his teeth look a lot like mine, where they could have that ridge behind them, but I couldn't be sure unless I looked at the back of his teeth, which I'll never be able to do, so, yeah. If he does have shovel teeth, it would likely mean he has some native American ancestry somewhere, or possibly even Asian, as those two ethnicities are the most likely to have them. This has been scientifically documented. I have them, and my mum is Native American (plus Spanish, and Hebrew, I very obviously got my hair from her, and my skin from my dad, who is English, Dutch, Scottish, and Irish). However, It is a persistent idiosyncracy, as it were, so someone could be reasonably far removed from their relation to the ethnicity they got the teeth from. To be sure, however, this is total speculation. He may very well not actually have shovel teeth. I'm just saying that he looks he could. Either way, I love him so very dearly. Yeah, though, his teeth are definitely crooked. His feet also happen to be somewhat flat. I'm not sure if that's genetics or fallen arches, but yeah. God, even his "flaws" perfect. He's perfectly flawed! *grins* No, I don't mean to say that he literally is perfect. There's no such thing, the media idea of "perfection", but he's perfect for me, so, yeah. I love everything about him, personality wise and physical wise, and I only love the physical of him because the heart of him shows through, you know.

Oh, I'm trying not to be too worried about him. I mean to say, I'm hoping things, while not being completely worked out by the last episode, will take a step that way, as it were. I don't want to get too stressed out when I'm not positive its warranted. He could be feeling a lot more positive around that episode.

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