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16/06/2007 - 1:59 a.m.

"Dominion"/"Payback"/More Catching Up/Two And A Half Years!!

God, okay, sometimes I wonder if it would be better if I didn't love Daniel. I mean, maybe still love him, but not so damn much. Of course, then he wouldn't be my angel, and he has to be my angel. God, though, everyone's all thinking what a great job they did, and he and I were just thinking, okay, all they did was buy some time. If anything, this is worse than before, because as far as I can tell, she's governed by Ori laws, not the Ancients, so she can do plenty without getting into trouble. I could be wrong, but it makes sense, and if Daniel's worried about it, Iím going to be, as well, and everyone else should be, too, for that matter. I mean, I know everything's going to work out, but not until the end of the show. So I have to be worried about my angel until "Ark of Truth" comes out! Okay, he may not be totally acting worried in "Unending", but if I know my angel (and I do), he won't be totally okay until this is all worked out. Perhaps Vala will help him. If that's the case, I really don't mind that potential situation. Man, that episode was by no means shivering and can barely talk time, but it certainly warranted a tall fizzy water and cranberry juice with a good shot of rum. I knew from the point Adria was captured by Ba'al pretty well everything that was going to happen, but still. You know, I can't tell if Adria really cares about Vala, maybe there's something there, but I don't see anything when I look into her eys. Arkad had more of a soul than that.
Oh, save for the initial situation with Vala's false memory (which, by the way, I was totally aware of, that is to say, I so knew something was off, particularly as I felt nothing when watching Daniel in those scenes, which at first worried me, since I'm not great at trusting my feelings, as evidenced by my initial reaction to "The Shroud", but fairly quickly I was just thinking, okay, I know I still love Daniel, this has to be some sort of trick, and especially how they were all treating her, no way would they do that to Vala, then, of course, when you see them on the planet, and Daniel mentions "the plan", and later, after they explain, then I was just like "I knew it!"), things were incredibly straightforward. This episode went by incredibly fast.
Oh, it was awesome seeing the Tok'ra again. Funny thing, I was always under the impression they had some sort of advanced technology for removing the symbiote. I think it's more that they just have a better understanding of how exactly the symbiote takes over the host body, or in the case of the Tokra themselves, blends with it. I imagine once they're in there, the process is the same. It's just a symbiote can choose to either suppress its host, as the Goa'uld do, or live in harmony with him or her, as, of course, is the case with the Tok'ra. Oh, I noticed Daniel isn't as tan in this episode as the last few. Also, one other thing before I leave this topic: This may be wishful thinking for the long run, but I still say there seems to be something ever so slight between Cameron and Vala.

I finally saw "Payback"!!!! The episode of "CSI Miami" that Michael is in! He portrayed Doug Stets, this guy whose girlfriend was raped. It turns out the guy who actually did it was wrongfully accused, but he was a bit of a jerk anyways. Though, I'm digressing a bit. The main thing is that they found out who the actual rapist was. Then someone murdered him, and through various clues (of course), they found that it was likely the Doug guy. It turned out it was actually the girl (Valerie Naff was her name, by the way), but Doug beat the guy up pretty badly initially. At first I wasn't sure if he was actually behind the rape somehow, but he seemed pretty sincere when they talked to him at the marina (watch the episode if you don't know what I'm talking about). Then, after they found the body of the rapist (Jeff Colson) and confirmed that he did it, I was just thinking Doug had something to do with it. In any case, I certainly understand, but for Valerie, I think murder was a bit much for the circumstances, and that would sound less callous if I wasn't getting ahead of myself. In any case, when it turned out just what Doug did, and they showed the flashback of him beating up Colson, i just felt so bad for Doug! I mean, he just had this face mixed with so much hurt and anger, thinking, How could you have done that to my girlfriend! I don't know. After that, the reality of what they went though, and why they handled things the way they did set in. So, I can definitely understand the rage that drove Valerie to kill that bastard, but, I do not condone giving in to it. Horatio and all them were on their way to convict him. If she could have kept her cool, as it were, she wouldn't have had to worry about being arrested, tried and possibly convicted. I imagine they'll go easy on her. I certainly would, but still. As well, I should point out here that people always think getting rid of the person who caused them pain will solve the problem, but obviously that isn't the case with her. If anything, she made things worse.
Oh, one last thing: I know before I said that I probably wouldn't get into "24" and then I did, well, when I say I won't get into "CSI Miami", I mean it. Notice how I didn't mention anything about the episode except the main case. Besides, I've seen enough episodes of that show to know I can't get into it. I'd never seen an episode of "24" until that first one with Bishop.

Okay, there are a few things I actually forgot to say in my catching up entry:

First off, I meant to say that it's very cool how the main person in "Stomp the Yard" is called D.J., even if it's from his first and middle name, not his first and last name, and neither of the names is the same as a certain individual's whom I'm referring to when I think about the name D.J., as it were.
The guy who portrays the D.J. from "Stomp The Yard" is Columbus Short, who is, admittedly, quite the cutie. He's also appeared on "That's So Raven", Maggie's favourite show as she's in love with Chelsea, and, I must add, that show has a surprising amount of correlation to SG-1 (besides the point that my love happens to be on SG-1), which I'll discuss in another entry, maybe. The most recognisable thing about Columbus Short is, of all things, his teeth. The only other person I can think of who's in stuff these days who has, to me, one specific trait which is just pinpointingly recognisable is Jonathon Togo, who plays a rather somber young man on "CSI Miami", but also played Jonathon on "Special Unit 2". Pardon me for digressing, but Jonathon Togo's character (Ryan Wolfe) on "CSI Miami" may not be appealing to me, but Jonathon from SU2 is precious! Actually, that "cute young guy" look doesn't generally appeal to me any more than the sort of look Michael has, but again, factor in personality, and it's a whole nother story (that isn't to say, obviously, that I would fall in love with Jonathon, I can be attracted to someone else besides my angel initially from their personality, I just can't fall in love with, or even get a crush on them). At any rate, the feature that is totally recognisable on Jonathon Togo: His eyes.

Speaking of Maggie, she used to have a crush on Shia Labeouf, which I frankly think is strange. I mean, he's like 2! Okay, not really, but he seems so very young to me. The few and far between times I've liked guys who are not in, or who are barely in their 20s, they've looked much older than him. In any case, it turns out that Wendy (Mum's life-partner) is good friends with his mum! Small world, I know! I don't think she really knows Shia, though. Maggie didn't ask, and I don't really care, but that's the impression I got.

Right. Last but not least: John is in a new movie! Yes, I'm sure you've seen the commercials if you have a television. It's called "1408", and it's based on a Stephen King novel. I actually knew about it for a while. It seemed really creepy, and I wasn't sure if I would be nervous about seeing it, as I like to see as many of John's movies as I can in the theatre and give him his props. well, if someone else played his role, I might be more hesitant to see it, but I really don't think I'd be scared seeing John in most of the scenes, you know. That being said, I will probably have to wait to get it on DVD (as I will probably just buy it since I like to own as many of his movies as possible, as well) because we're rather low on moolah this month. *sighs* Oh well.

Now, a wonderful thing, and off the subject of stuff I need to catch up on: Today marks the two and a half year mark of my being in love with Daniel (consciously, at least)! Yes! Six more months from now, on December 16th, I'll have been in love with him for three years! So, yeah, that's certainly something.

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