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13/06/2007 - 6:31 p.m.

Catching Up

So, this is basically going to be a "catching up" entry. Anything I've been meaning to mention, or meant to mention, but haven't, or didn't.

First off, the most recent thing I have to mention: I had a "24" dream! Yes! I know I'm really into something if I dream about it, so I am definitely into "24" at this point. So, okay, here is what happened: It was one of those rather sporadic dreams with different scenes, but they weren't just flashes, luckily. First off, I dreamt Jack was yelling at this guy who knew about some corruption at CTU, and Jack's all, "Who's behind the coverup at CTU?!" Yelling at the guy, and I don't remember if he answered him, though a lot of the people Jack deals with tend not to like to answer questions. So, this is where it gets odd. I dreamt there was this bread reddish bread was better. I have to say that I realise I dreamt this because I was watching Huell Howser where he went to the last old fashioned flour mill in California still producing flour. The man who runs it said red flour is better than white flour, so that's why the reddish bread was better than the white bread. So, anyway, the way you bought the bread is, wait for it, if you found some of Jack's hair, you could give some to the vendors and they'd give you some bread. God knows why they needed his hair. Maybe some DNA thing. I think if this could be a real scenario, I'd have been more suspicious. Well, depending on what bread you wanted, you had to give them either some blonde or white hairs (I don't know if Jack actually has any white hair, but I wouldn't be surprised, yes itís only been five days, but he did deal with stuff in the farther past, as well, perhaps not as bad as what he's been dealing with lately, but still, I know white hair isn't always caused by stress, but it can be). It seems like, as stressed as Jack often is, he didn't have as many white hairs, so the white bread should have been more valuable, but it wasn't. Actually, I think the bread cost the same, but the reddish bread was harder to get, like the flour was rarer. Oh, and you didn't actually have to take the hair from Jack, it was just lying on the ground, but there'd be like split scenes like on the show, and I could see Jack, and as he was walking, he was leaving hair behind, not a whole lot. I mean, it wasn't as though he was going bald. Actually, probably no more than how much hair a person sheds in an a day on average, but it was somehow more noticeable. Oh, and I don't think Jack could see me. I'm not sure why. Again, it was a dream. Oh, also, Maggie was there. She got some white hair and gave it to one of the vendors, and it turned out that if you bought some white bread, you couldn't buy any reddish bread (I don't remember if the policy worked the other way, but seeing as the reddish bread was harder to come by, I imagine it didn't). I got mad at Maggie, but then I managed to get some blonde hairs, and the vendors didn't know I was related to Maggie, so they let me have some reddish bread.

Alright, this part had nothing to do with "24". I dreamt I and Maggie were living in a gypsy caravan. She had this dragster and I was trying to cut her off with a soap-box racer. I'm not sure why. That was it for that part of the dream.

Okay, next subject: Daniel's physical similarity to his parents. As I've said, he basically looks just like his mum, as it were, but even though his mouth is like hers was, his lips are more like his dad's were; also, he has a widow's peak, and I don't think his mum had that. Daniel's nose is mostly like his mum, but not exactly. That could be environmental, or a latent gene from a maternal grandparent. He smiles like his mum, except he has dimples. He had to have gotten those from his dad. It's interesting that both of his parents had dark eyes. Obviously they both had the recessive gene for blue eyes. Another interesting thing, comparing Daniel and me, in a way (I'll get to it): My parents both have gray eyes, but also obviously carry the recessive gene for hazel eyes, as that's what I have (my eyes are actually brown on the inside and dark green on the outside, which is rare, but still considered hazel, and recessive, if that were not the case, my parents would have hazel eyes, as well, or I would have gray eyes). So, Daniel got his light eyed genes from dark eyed parents, and I got my dark eyed genes from light eyed parents.

You know, I was thinking about how Ironic it is "The Changeling" is my favourite SG-1 episode. First off, you don't even see most of the people on the show actually 'til the end, but the way Teal'c thionks about them, it's the way they would really be, you know, so it's not so bad, even though I know it's not really them, and I do see most of them at the end. I don't know. It's just works so beautifully. Obviously Teal'c is real, as is Daniel, but, more ironic than the first point, the fact that he's not even in this episode until the second half, and even then he really isn't in it that. much. My second favourite episode is "The Torment of Tantalus", and that's obviously much more Daniel centric. He is in it, though, and the way he is, and the way everything else is... At any rate, the most ironic of all, the fact that if it were not for my least favourite episode, my favourite episode wouldn't be around. Well, then, of course, tToT would be my favourite, but, I wouldn't want "The Changeling" to not be around, you know. I suppose that had to happen anyway, and he's fine now, of course (save for not remembering anything concerning the quantum mirror, which obviously isn't that big a deal). Still, how much I can not stand that episode, and I should be thankful for it, or, at least, what happens in it. I mean, for how much I love "The Changeling"... Yeah, it is seriously ironic.

Speaking of the person, well, not actually the person who is mainly in it, but the person who portrays him. I don't know why I didn't mention this before. First off, I got the strong impression that Chris was attracted to me, which is pretty cool. I mean, he's married, but you can obviously like other people if you're married, even if you're certainly not going to like them or love them as much as the person you're married to. Of course, the likelyhood that he would have been able to ask me out, or seriously could have thought about it, even if he weren't married, would have been slim to none, and even if he had, I mean, I already have someone. I'm not going to go out with someone just because they're famous when I know I couldn't ever really fall in love with them. I would just be using them then, and that is messed up. Again, I am just saying this for argument's sake. I do not seriously think I would have had a chance of Chris asking me out in that sort of situation (that is, of course, if he were not married). In any case, a couple very cool things happened to me with Chris. First off, at the breakfast party, he was joking about something (I'm afraid I can't remember what), and he put his hand on my arm. You know how people do. It was so cool. ^_^ Oh, also, he had to walk down the queue for autographs because his flight was going to be there soon, and he obviously didn't want to miss it. So, the first person in the queue was my sister, and after she got his autograph, she gave him a hug, so I was just thinking I have to give him a hug, as well, so I did! He was really sweet! I'm so glad I was there, anyway, even if I couldn't have hugged him or anything, for the fact that I got to meet him, and now he's basically retired from conventions. That was his last one. Again, I am so glad I was there!

Oh, I also have to say, I know I mentioned that Michael called me a sweetheart, but I'm thinking that wasn't so much that he was really attracted to me in a romantic sort of way or just thought I was a sweet person. I'm actually romantically attracted to Chris but not Michael, so I suppose that's just as well (Again, not that it actually matters, it's just cool that the one who seemed to like me more like that is the one that I like like that, you know, oh, and of course Michael is married, as well, just to say so everyone realises I know that).

You know, I was thinking that it's somewhat ironic that "Chicken Little" is my favourite movie, considering how against computer animation I used to be. It was very unfair of me, though. I mean, computer animation is as creative as ink and paint animation. It's just a different method, you know, and I shouldn't think the people who create computer animation are less talented than those who create ink and paint animation. It isn't that I didn't appreciate some computer animation, I just didn't appreciate it as much as I should have. I also didn't think Disney could produce a quality computer animated film at all, and that was the main thing, Disney, but again, I shouldn't have assumed these people couldn't put as much heart and creativity into computer animation as ink and paint animation.

Moving on: I admit that I can be rather full of myself at times, but I'd rather be that way than have seriously low self esteem, and, the fact is, well, I was looking at some of my entries from before I fell in love with Daniel, and especially before I found out about him at all, and I was always talking about how people don't like me, and just generally belittling myself. Now, though, I have so much self confidence, again, perhaps too much, but that's better than none at all, and again, I have my angel to thank for that.

On a similar note, as far as talking about my angel: I was thinking about how depressed I was bfore seeing "The Shroud", how upset I was that I can't be with him, and, you know what? Well, obviously I still so wish I could be with him, more than anything, but the main reason I was so depressed about is that I didn't know if he was okay. He's okay now, and my needing to be with him isn't so immediate, you know, for his sake. I mean, I'm really happy just knowing that I will be with him, and that he's happy, especially that he's happy.

I also was saying, a while back, how I don't make a difference. Well, I may not be here specifically to do that, and I may not have made as much of an impact here as Daniel's made all where he is, but I do think I've helped some, at least. I mean, no one should say, because they can't make an immediate, major impact that they don't make a difference. Most of the time, in fact, that's the main thing that brings change, doing as much as you can, even if it seems like not much at all.

Oh, I said before about SG-1 being in the Guinness book, but I was looking all through there, and James is in there, as well! He got a record for BtoB selling the most albums in Britain: Over two million! Go, James!

You know, I've been meaning to say this last thing for a very long time: People are awesome! I love people! Okay, sure, some people are jerks, but for the most part, they are way cool. It's so groovy how man sorts of people there are, how we all are, what we can do. No other animals have the ability to think so fully about the world around them. No other animals create music and art to express emotion, no other animals care so much about who they are, what they are. To be sure, I'm not saying humans are truly better than other animals overall, but to me, they are far more fascinating, and I am so proud to be human! Which reminds me, I find it so easy to love people. I mean, obviously I utterly adore one person far above everyone else, to the point where I practically hate everyone else, but I really love everyone else, or most everyone else, a lot, so that should say something, but going back totally to the fact that I love pretty well everyone. Yeah, I find it so very easy to love people. Even everyone I meet online I love, truly, and I get the urge to hug people quite often. Hopefully this isn't sounding creepy, but yeah. People are wonderful! Oh, and for the record, even though animals are not as cool to me overall as humans, I can love them very easily, as well.

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