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07/06/2007 - 11:19 a.m.

"Srubs" and "24" Tie/Watching "24"/Talion/Sunday and Saving Carson (spoilers)/Waiting on Dreams and A Little Bit Of Next Episode Talk

So, Maggie is really into "Scrubs", like how I'm into "24", meaning it's quite the coincidence that someone who plays a character on "24" was on "Scrubs". I think the only thing more coincidental would be seeing Kiefer Sutherland on "Scrubs", or Zach Braff on "24". *long pause, crickets chirping in the background, someone coughs* Heh, Yeah, I don't see either happening anytime soon, either.

Speaking of "24", man, I tell you what, I don't know what I'd do without A&E. It's the only channel I know of that plays "24" during the hiatus. When the computer was gone, the first week after the season finale, I was thinking it would be on, and it wasn't. I wasn't able to see it until Friday morning. Maggie actually bought a TV Guide at 7-11, but those things are shitty anymore. They only list all day, or most of all day for Monday, then just prime-time for every other day. I did learn that "24" is on weekdays on A&E from there, and there's a little thing about the show in there, plus a big thing about CSI, so it wasn't a total loss. Though the fact that I found out "24" was on weekdays, I missed it anyway, as it's on at 8:00 a.m. (which wasn't even listed) and 2:00 p.m., and by the time we got the TV Guide it was already past midnight on Wednesday, and they were playing a a "SCI Miami" marathon from like 7:00 a.m to I don't know when because I'm not into CSI Miami. It's too bad, though, that I couldn't at least be mildly interested in it, because for all I know, "Payback was on, which is the episode Michael was on. I missed it when it first aied, and I'm determined to catch it one of these days. That show is so not that interesting to me, which people probably think is weird, but yeah. I mean, it can be somewhat interesting, but not enough to sit around watching waiting to see a particular episode that may not even be showing. Oh, and I just looked it up on, which is so much easier. It turns out "Payback" is on at nine next Friday, which so figures, but thank God Atlantis replays, though if it were on at eight, I'd probably have to wit for it to come around again (CSI Miami that is), because there's no way I'd miss the first showing of SG-1, even if I'm not so sure I'd like the episode. I am so digressing, though. Yeah, point is, I couldn't tell if that meant "24" was only on Monday. It turns out I slept through it on Thursday, but I had no idea, and was getting quite frustrated trying to learn for sure when it was on. I mean, I get this way where I'm pretty well addicted to a show. I get irritable if I haven't seen it in a bit, and start just majorly being like "I need to watch the sow!", and "24" is like that, so, yeah. I finally had to find out from Mum, who went to and the A&E web-sites for me and found out it's on every week day at 2:00 p.m., barring some special thing, but she thought TV Guide said it was on at 8:00 p.m., and they must have said 8:00 a.m. She didn't see that on A&E. So, yeah, thing is, Friday morning, was about to fall asleep on the couch, as I love doing, and 71 was on just in case, and all of a sudden I heard the beeping. I was ecstatic! I also found out the 2:00 episode is the same one as at 8:00, so if it ever turns out I miss it the first time, I can watch it then, but my sleeping habits are odd, so I usually miss the 2:00 one. If I don't, I just watch the show a second time even though it's the same episode. When I woke up on Friday it was already like 2:30, though, and I have this thing where it annoys me to watch the show if I don't catch the beginning. So, yeah. It's on the 1st day right now. Milo's there! It's weird seeing Jack's wife and daughter, though, the benefit of hindsight and all. Part of me almost forgets and is hoping they'll be okay, but if that hadn't happened he never would have been with Audrey, and though he obviously loved Terri, the way he is with Audrey... it's that total true love thing, you know, even if he can't be with her now, I'm glad he found her, and things couldn't be okay with Kim for various reasons, either. She looked a lot like him, by the way, except she had her mum's eyes and face shape. I notice those things a lot.

At any rate, I mentioned Friday. Now I must mention something that is on 8:00 p.m. Friday that I would never miss for "24" if it were on at the p.m. mark, which I'm frankly very glad is not the case. I refer of course to SG-1, which I'll always be more addicted to than any other show, well, one person on it in particular, but the overall show itself, all the other cool people on it, the way it is, yeah.

So, "Talion". I felt bad for Teal'c in this episode. I didn't like how he got, being so angry with Arkad for what he indirectly did to those people and his mother. I don't agree with eye for an eye really, but I can't say Bak'al didn't totally deserve it. Perhaps Teal'c would have been more willing to get that bomb out of him if he hadn't been so stubborn. There was time when he first told him about it. Oh, I have the sickest sense of humour. I mean, when Bak'al's all "Where are you going", and Teal'c's all "I am walking away from yeah. You are about to explode." I never find it funny when innocent people are actually in danger, but there're parts in "24" I find funny, as well that probably aren't supposed to be, and I found "Land of the Dead" hilarious in a lot of scenes. Yeah, I'm a big fan of dark humour, so, yeah.
At any rate, I'm also glad Arkad was killed. If he cared about his family, he wasn't evil, but he was still obviously a threat. Of course, like SG-1, I didn't trust him for a second. I was really stupid that he wasn’t watched, and Teal’c was made to be considered the enemy. I liked when Sam was saying, look, we’re talking about Teal’c, when Cameron was saying how they were going to “get him”. I know he just wasn’t thinking about how it sounded, but it was still cool, Sam defending Teal’c like that and all.
Oh, it was awesome seeing Dr. Lam again. I was missing her. I loved when she told Teal'c one of his team had stayed by his side the most while he was out like, and you just know who that was. Then you see him. Yeah, my angel is wonderful in this episode, which, yeah, I know, duh, but man, there is one expression he makes, and he does that in a couple scenes in “Talion”, where he like brings his lower lip under his upper one. It's so darling! He does that a few times in "Talion", and I just love the way he is overall, of course. I love when he’s waiting for Teal’c with Vala. He makes the expression there, and that whole thing when Vala mentions Arkad getting his “chicks in a row”. *laughs* Oh, I also love the end with Bra'tak. That was so touching! Going back to Daniel real quick, too, it’s cool he was the one there when Bra’tak awoke.

One quick thing, speaking of Daniel and Vala: I am rather nervous about something that’s going to happen on the last episode, “Unending”. I’m hoping it won’t be that bad, but if it is, I’ll have to deal with it. There are actually indications to it in “Talion”, much as I like the scenes, so it’s not out of the blue, but yeah, a bit anxious about that, but I’m sure I can deal with it.

Okay, now about Atlantis. Oh, this episode had good points. I loved the shipper stuff with Teyla and Shep, as I am a Teyla and Shep shipper, and other stuff, but I won’t watch it again. That was so sad about Carson! I knew about that a while back since there was a spoiler right at the front of Gate World for a bit. Rather frustrating, but oh well. I was sad, but I was especially sad for Maggie. She really took it hard. Carson is her favourite person on the show. She used to be in love with him, actually, and she said it’s like when you break up with a person but remain really close friends. She’s better now that she was able to see how it affected other Carson fans, and the fact that he’ll be back in 4th season for a bit. There’s petitioning and letter writing going on to get him back for good in 5th season. I actually created a letter myself on There’s this thing on there where you can type a letter, volunteers will print it out and send it to TPTB. It’s really cool. I know that if he’s supposed to come back, he will, but I think we’re supposed to be part of seeing that, you know. Yeah. Carson’s is such a neat guy. I would really like if he cam back for good, even if it’s not as important for me as for Maggie. He is like my fourth favourite person on the show.

Well, I wanted to talk about a few dreams I had recently, but this entry is already so long. I have a lot of catching up to do! I’ll talk about them in my next entry, after reviewing “Family Ties”, and possibly “Submersion”, and about that, I have a strong feeling I’m going to like the former better than the latter. It was the opposite at first, liking SG-1 less and Atlantis more, and for a bit it was about the same, but liking SG-1 more overall, I mean, Daniel, you know.

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