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21/05/2007 - 10:10 p.m.

"24"/Sucky Tuesday/Favourite SG-1 Scenes

I knew Mike wasn't selling Josh out, as it were. It's so frustrating, though, that he didn't think about the fact that Phillip Bauer would deceive them. He didn't deserve to get his eyes blown off basically, though. I was just thinking at that part: I wouldn't open that!
God! Well, Jack got to see Audrey again, but he can't be with her right now. God! Just thinking about all that makes me cry, but I know Jack and Audrey will be together one day. I knew that was what he was doing when he left the chopper. He definitely didn't fall. I'm not sure exactly at what point he planned that. It did seem a bit spur of the moment. He realised he was in the right area.
I'm glad Josh is okay. Oh, my God! That is so cool about Chloe! When she said it was serious, I was thinking, okay, she's either pregnant, or she has cancer. I'm glad it wasn't the latter! Man, she and Morris, I think they should maybe reconsider calling things off, you know.
Oh, yeah. I was so pissed when the vice president said it was okay to destroy the platform with Josh on it. There is always another way. I mean, naturally Jack managed to get him out of there, but to have given that order, Daniels would have been responsible for the death of an innocent person, and I don't care even that many other lives could be saved as a result. It's one thing when you have to make a decision to save the larger group over the smaller one, it's another to kill the smaller group yourself for all intents and purposes. Honestly, destruction of the component wouldn't have been worth an innocent boy's life. Again, obiously Jack got their in time. I knew he would, but that's not the point. I loved when he was saying how it's wrong to write of Josh as an "acceptable loss". I was just like, "That's why Jack kicks booty!" I mean, obviously as I've more than implied, I think the same way.

God, I know this show so well! I was one step ahead for everything. I mean, perhaps it's predictable in some ways, but not necessarily.

Tomorrow is going to suck! Okay, well, at least the 6:00 episode is one I can watch, but not only does SG-1 not start until 10:00 tomorrow so they cut off "Solitudes", but every episode from that point (through to enduing at 4:00, you know) that they're showing sucks! I have to try to see the very last part of "The Serpent's Lair", though, because that's like my second favourite scene in SG-1 ever. I call it "Space Monkey". ^_^

Actually, I have a list (I love making lists). It's not finished, but this is what I have so far (You may noticce a pattern, I do, amazingly, have scenes I love which don't involve Daniel, some involving Sam and Jack, as well as as a few involving Teal'c and someone other than Daniel, but I'll likely put those on another list):

Favourite SG-1 Scenes

1. “Toss the Symbiote Head” (from “The First Ones”, season 4- loved episode-)

"Space Monkey" (from Serpent's Lair", season 2-hated episode overall-)

“A Universal Language” (from “The Torment Of Tantalus”, season 1-second favourite episode-)

"I Guess I Should Be Thanking You" (from "Orpheus", season 7-ninth favourite episode-)

“It’s Time to Come Home.” (from “Memento Mori”, season 10-liked episode overall-)

“That’s Why I’m Here” (from “Avatar”, season 8-eighth favourite episode-)

"We Have To Question Everything" (from "Beneath the Surface", season 4-eleventh favourite episode-)

“Okay, Sigmund!” (from “Chimera”, season 7-liked episode overall-)

“This Makes No Sense!” (From “Chimera”, season 7)

"Sushi, That's Funny" (from "Fire and Water", season 1-hated epsode overall-)

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