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Watching: "Battles, Rivals, Brothers" special feature on the "Stomp the Yard" DVD

Thinking: These things are always interesting. Also, I can't wait until tomorrow!

Feeling: Happy that I'm going to be eating catfish!

16/05/2007 - 10:25 p.m.

Stomp the Yard and Love/Catfish!!!/Forgot to Mention/One Month to Six Months

So, I just watched "Stomp the Yard". My sister said she'd pay me twenty dollars if I didn't love the movie. She's not going to have to give me twenty dollars. This movie is awesome! Everything works out the way you want it to. The main people are really cool. The music is great, and of course the dancing is sweet. There is a love story in there, too, which I so love, of course. Whenever I see two people together who love each other... I always root for true love, even if I can't be with my true love, perhaps especially since I can't be with my true love, but I feel like I would think the same even if I could be with him. I'm just not selfish, thinking that other people shouldn't be with their person since I can't be with mine. I mean, I know how hard it is, and I'm not one of those persons who prefers others not be happy in any respect just because I'm not, you know.

Oh, my gosh! I can not wait until tomorrow! Mum's taking us to the Elephant Bar for a rather belated birthday lunch. She couldn't take us out sooner due to the whole back surgery thing. She's feeling much better, which of course I'm very happy about, and now that she's better, I'm getting catfish! Succulent, melt in your mouth blackened catfish with shrimp jambalaya. I LOVE catfish, and I don't get to have it very often. I mean, they only sell farm raised catfish in the supermarket, and that's not real catfish. Real catfish, wild caught catfish, which is the kind they always have at the best restaurants, is sweet, melt in your mouth food perfection, and I'm going to be eating some tomorrow! Huzzah!

Oh, I'm not really into this, I mean, god, I so am, but I'm not totally focused so much as I was. I'm focusing on everything right now, well, his eyes. Yeah, I'm talking about Daniel, but I wanted to say that I was in one of those things with the part around his face that's below his nose and above his lips. That whole area. I'm not into a thing of it now, though I still love it, obviously, but I forgot to mention when I was, so, yeah.

Oh, I also have to point out, I noticed that today is exactly one month from the six month point to my three year anniversary of finding my angel.

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