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14/05/2007 - 10:33 p.m.

"24"/Guinness Book/Dreams/His Heartbeat

Well, I don't know if we'll be seeing Bishop again. Oh, and he actually put a shirt on! That was amazing. I guess he only likes to wear clothes if he's suspicious of something. Oh. yeah, that gal is named Sarah Miller. I feel bad that she got hurt, though Iím not worried about it one way or another. I mean, no offense, but she's not the sort of character you really get to care about, even if she's not bad. That was dumb of her to attack Bishop, though. I mean, I'm not saying he had a right to choke her. Obviously he didn't but if she'd stalled for time, perhaps even tried to run out of there, they could have moved in, arrested Bishop and she wouldn't be close to death. Of course, in hindsight she should have just told the vice president she wasn't up to the task. I mean, she could have been a little less conspicuous (sarcasm going there, by the way).
Okay, as far as what's going on with Jack. Right. Um, I don't know why Mike took Josh, but I'm thinking it's for a good reason. I mean, I know basically I don't know Mike that well, or anyone in the show, but from everything I've seen, all together, even from other seasons, I don't see that he would just take Josh because he was bribed or threatened. Yeah, I'm hoping I'm right about that. Also, I have a very strong feeling Phillip Bauer doesn't just want to take Josh to China to give him a better life. Man, I'm anxious about the season finale. God knows I'll probably want to watch the next season, at least to find out more about Audrey. Yes, I'm still on that, and I'm going to keep on it most likely until they're together, which the way that show is, probably won't be soon enough, even if it's not that long all things considered.

Oh, my sister was wondering when they have time to sleep in "24". She's all, "Are there ever like four episodes in a row where Jack's not there, and it's like 'Where's Jack?' 'Oh, he's sleeping'." *laughs* Okay. I think it sounds a bit corny here, but it was definitely funny when she said it. I don't know. Maybe he sleeps during commercials. Same thing with other needs, as it were. I'm sure that works out somehow. I'm thinking in that world people don't sleep and all that so much. Do we even ever see anyone eat? Well, I have only recently gotten into the show, so they could have shown or implied that stuff more and I just didnít see. Well, one way or another, I don't really care. The show is damned interesting!

Oh! Before I forget yet again, we got the Guinness Book of Records that lists SG-1 as the longest consecutively running SciFi show! Boo-Yah! Maggie actually bought it day after Michael's character first being on "24", which is a total coincidence. I just thought I'd mention it. Actually, I asked her to get it that day, but she couldn't get it until the day after, as it was already too late when I called. She was staying over at out dad's because she had a doctor's appointment in the morning, and we don't have a car yet.

Oh, and I was sort of lying about only having sporadic dreams. I've had a couple of normal paced dreams, though one didn't flow quite as well, and neither of them had Daniel in them as far as I can remember, though I'm sure I thought about him during them. That sucks very much, though. I miss seeing him totally clearly in my dreams! I mean, the sporadic ones he's in. What the hell? Anyway, the first dream involved me rooming with these two guys. I'm pretty sure I was in college. I got the impression that the guys were friends, also in college. Also we were in New York City, which is significant in the fact that Daniel was born in New York City and lived there until he was at least eight. At any rate, I don't remember what I was studying, though I'm guessing it was something to do with history. I remembered one part where I was in this comissary type place that I think connected to where we were staying, and I was sitting and talking to one of the guys. The guy I was talking to, I think I was a little more friends with him maybe. He was a little on the tall side, but still close to average, maybe 6'1", and kinda skinny, with a short rounded nose and short dark curly hair. His complexion was a little lighter than milk chocolate, and his eyes were small and round. The irises were the colour of coffee with one packet of cream mixed in. His chin was squarish, and he had a wide grin. He was pretty cute, actually, but you'll see I never would have pursued a relationship with him. Also, he was wearing slightly faded relaxed fit blue jeans, a forest green tee shirt and dark blue and very light yellow high-tops. At any rate, as I said, I didn't see the other guy as much but he was also average height but on the shorter side, maybe 5'7". He also had curly hair, but it was red and a little longer. It didn't quite reach his neck. It was rather unkempt. He was also on the chubby side. Not fat, though. I'm pretty sure he had freckles, and a very fair complexion. His nose was also short and round, but wider, and his eyes were larger. I think they had that sort of half-circle look, and the colour was probably blue or green. I never really was where I could see, so I can't even say I just don't remember, but those are the two most logical possibilities. His chin was more rounded, with that indentation sort of thing right below the lower lip, you know. I have that, actually. I don't think I ever saw him smile, but his lips were on the thin side. He was nice, but I wasn't attracted to him at all. I actually don't remember what he was wearing.. In any case, in one part of the dream I was walking along a New York City street. God knows which one, though maybe it was Broadway because I was going to a play or movie. I seems like it was a movie, but the setup of the theatre was like a play, very similar to the El Capitan in L.A. At any rate, as I was watching the play or movie, I happened to see that Matthew Glave, who portrayed Colonel Emerson on SG-1 was a couple seats in front of me. He was wearing a regular blue suit with a white shirt and yellow tie. I saw as he left the theatre. I don't now if I would have said anything to him, but I think he left like right after the show was over, before I had a chance. I think I would have said something to him in real life if I'd had the chance. As for the show itself, I don't remember what it was at all.
Later I was back at the apartment type place we were staying at, and I was upset about something, even though I think I was younger, as it seems I was in college, that never happened anyway, obviously, so I could have known about Daniel. Heck, in my dream I could have been with him. I mean, I actually got the impression he was my boyfriend at least, and I was upset because I couldn't be with him, which in real life, if that were possible, and I had a chance to go to a college and he couldn't go with me, I'd choose another college closer to him! It was a dream, though, and dreams don't always make perfect sense. So, at any rate, I was understandably upset because I missed him, and the red-haired guy was making smoothies, and the other guy, whom I was talking to about missing Daniel said something like, "So and so's making smoothies, maybe you'll feel a little better if you have one." Okay, he didn't actually say "So and so". I can't remember their names, though Darren for the guy I was talking to, and Greg for the other guy are coming to me as I'm thinking about it. At any rate, I went and had a smoothie, and it did help, a little, though I wonder if any longer and I may have given up. God knows at least I would have been on the phone with Daniel every day. It's funny interesting seeing people you've never met so clearly in dreams. I wonder if they were guys I knew in another life, accumulations of guys who look similar to them I've seen. I don't know. I did have a dream where I visited my Grandma Lucille after she passed away, and I got the very strong impression that it was really her, like her soul was visiting me in my dream. I don't know how long that's possible, but yeah, it was pretty soon after she passed away. In any case, Darren and Greg were really cool. I'm thinking now that Darren was my friend and invited me to room with them, and Greg was also his friend but I didn't know him myself until I moved over there.

In any case, that dream was from a few nights ago, and the one Iím about to mention is from maybe a night or two ago. This one was a little more sporadic, though not with the annoying flashes. I do prefer dreams that just flow through and make sense like a show or movie that I'm in, or perhaps that I'm just watching, but the ones I'm in are the best, well, the ones I'm in that involve a certain person. This is my second favourite sort of dream overall, though. So, anyway, this dream started off where I was living with Dad and I was maybe fifteen. I don't know if I knew Daniel at this point. I also believe Mum and Dad were already divorced, though they didn't actually separate until I was like twenty six. Also, I had a younger sister, and I don't think Maggie was there, unless she was the younger sister, which makes no sense at all, but oh well. Another thing that didn't make sense is my younger sister had long blonde hair, and like no one in my family has really blonde hair. Her eyes were also totally blue, and my parents have blue eyes, but like that stone blue, you know. She was wearing flannel pajamas with clouds and a matching tank top with a rainbow with clouds on each end. Oh, and I should point out here that I never remember what I myself wear in my dreams. Her eyes actually reminded me of Sam's, very large and not quite almond shaped. Her face structure was similar to mine, but her nose was smaller, which is another weird thing. Of course, she was probably only about seven or eight, so it's likely her nose would have gotten more pronounced, as it were. In any case, there was this video that was put on, and at first it seemed creepy, you know, but actually it turned out that the video was alive, but it wasn't bad. It was actually a friendly video! It liked kids and wanted to protect us and keep us company. It was pretty cool. Then things shifted drastically, though it was still cool. I dreamt I was on the Atlantis team! I mean, I don't know if Daniel was in Atlantis. I'm hoping he was somewhere where I could see him often, but he definitely wasn't on the main Atlantis team. Oh, I just want to point out here that whenever I dream about being off world with a Stargate team, or any time where the people I'm around are going to be wearing pretty well the same outfits, such as if I dream about cartoons even, I won't describe what they're wearing because there isn't any point. Everyone already knows. So, I dreamt that we were in this cave, and we passed by this part where there was this sort of shelf, and there was this gellish stuff on there. Dex was afraid of it. He didn't like it because the stuff had made a lot of the people where he lived sick. I'm guessing this was before the Wraith, so they maybe weren't as bad, but still enough to make him nervous. I smelled the stuff, and I think until then I'd never really thought as much about the fact that you can smell things in dreams. It smelled a bit like slime, but different. It's hard to explain. Anyway, I believe I picked some of it up as well, which I totally would have done in real life. I am way too curious for my own good. So Dex was saying something about how I shouldn't be around the stuff, and he started to leave, and Shep yelled at us to get going, and I put it down and followed Dex. I guess I told Shep about the stuff, because Dex was just thinking it was some moldy stuff, and I was thinking that it could actually be intelligent and didn't meant to hurt people. So it turned out that when it was in a damp cave sort of area, it gave off these fumes that were harmful to people, and depending how close it was to a town or village, or if people visited the caves a lot, it could cause a lot of problems. Obviously we weren't where Dex used to live, but I think perhaps it was the same stuff. It was able to move somehow, but it didn't realise it was hurting people. It found out. Maybe I told it, and we discovered that if it was out in the open but immersed in water, it would be fine and wouldn't give off the dangerous fumes. We put it in a fountain and everyone was happy, and Dex stopped not liking the stuff as he realised it was intelligent but also didn't know it had hurt his people, unlike the Wraith, who although also intelligent, know they hurt Dex and his people, but don't care. Then I dreamt I was in either a hotel or a small apartment, and there was a room next to mine and a big window where I could see in really easily. There was no curtain. There was a mum and her daughter. She was probably about one, and the mum looked like she way maybe twenty five. Her husband, the little girl's dad, was also there. He looked to maybe thirty one. They were all Asian, and she was of average height and build, with long dark hair, a sort of squarish face, largish eyes and a slightly larger nose than her husband, who also had smaller eyes and much shorter hair. Also he was a little on the chubby side, and his face was more rounded, also he was maybe half a head taller than her. The little girl was average height and build for a one year old, with rather thick hair that was mostly mildly wavy but formed little ringlets here and there. She looked a lot like the mum overall, except I think her nose was closer to the dad's, and his hair actually seemed like if he grew it out, it would go more the way the little girl's was. Their lips were all about the same, not real pouty but not real thin either, and they all had the same ever so slightly tan complexion. The mum and dad were wearing matching gray pinstripe pajamas. The little girl was wearing one of those white frilly nighty gowns parents like to put their kids in. In any case, I guess in my dream it was my birthday, which reminds me that in the other dream with the guys, apparently it was my thirtieth birthday, and I was really happy, as I would be in real life. I don't know why I keep dreaming about my birthday. I guess I really can't wait to turn 30! I'll have to wait until April of 2008, though *sighs* So, yeah, what happened, the gal threw some stuff through the window, but it like passed through solid glass. It was dream. Go figure. It was all this silly fun stuff like stickers and like a little teddy bear key-chain or something. I don't remember everything, and I asked her what it was for, and she said something like" Isn't it your birthday? I wasn't sure what to get you so I just found some little things and put them all together to give you." I didn't even know this woman, and she was giving me a birthday present! I was just like, "Oh, my gosh! Thank you so much!" Then I believe I woke up. What I mean to say is that I may have dreamt something else right before I woke up that I don't remember, but I don't think so.

You know, I've been thinking a lot for some reason about resting against my angel and hearing his heartbeat. I think about resting against him a lot, you know, but lately it's like I'm in a bit of an obsessive thing with that, the hearing his heartbeat thing. I imagine falling asleep to the feel and sound of his heartbeat after we've made love, say. God, I would love that. I need that. I need him. I love him!

Yeah, just wanted to say that.

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