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08/05/2007 - 10:26 a.m.

"24"/Even More On "The Shroud"

Oh, my god! Okay, that seriously sucked about Milo! He was really cool. I don't know what's going on with Josh's grandfather, but it's pretty messed up that he'd try to get to him that way. As for Bishop, I seriously question whether he ever puts his pants on. Also, I'm wondering if what’s-her-face (the gal he's sleeping with) is going to lose track of her mission, um, if she hasn't already. I know Audrey wasn't technically in this episode, but dang it! I'm still rooting for her and Jack to be together again!

Right, I'm really working on not beating myself up over not believing Daniel at first in "The Shroud". So many things were against me: The whole "sort of a villain" thing, for one, which I'm now thinking was in reference to the fact that he actually was preaching about Origin to the people of that village. Of course, he didn't believe it, and he probably went back there and explained everything, but the point is, for a little bit there, he was, technically, teaching about Origin, which, in a way, makes him sort of a villain, albeit certainly a reluctant one. Still, for some reason I wasn't thinking about that possibility when I was watching the episode. Until the part where Teal'c questions him, I kept looking for hidden clues as to what might be going on with that. I was so surprised when he was totally Daniel. If I think about it, truly, I believed him, but then my brain was like, oh, there must be something else going on. I mean, perhaps he wasn't even aware of it, but it could manifest itself somehow when his intentions, at first, and later, really were the best. It just, I mean, I was really in shock that he truly hadn't been manipulated in any way. I suppose it's a bit pathetic that I gave the super bitch even that much credit, even considering I knew if he really had been influenced somehow, he'd be able to overcome it. I was just in an overly cautious mode. I know that in my heart I realised the idea that something was going on with him, when he was obviously himself was silly, but yeah, I was having kind of a lot of trouble when I first watched that episode. It went by very quickly, and was very, almost surreal, like I was watching a dream, and didn't have time to think about if any of my negative assumptions made sense, though considering it now, I knew in my heart that they didn't. Another big factor in me having trouble realising Daniel's initial intentions was the fact that I rely a lot on his eyes. I mean, even if I couldn't see through them the way I do, I still knew it was him all in all, but I couldn't tell how truthful he was being, even if I suspected in some way he was in earnest. I tried to see in his eyes his intentions, instead of really listening to vocal cues, paying attention to facial cues. I did pay attention to that stuff, but only as much as normal, actually, because I was having trouble, perhaps a little less than normal. So, when questions arose, I didn't think, well, he's so speaking in earnest, I'm sure there's an understandable explanation for that, which of course there always was. That being said, again, deep down I knew he was telling the truth, but there were a couple of things I didn't really get, which, again, I should have figured were understandable, but, also again, I was having serious problems, that is until the part with Teal'c. After he explained about the weapon and the planet and all, the way he was in that scene, all doubt left me at that point. I didn't care that I didn't understand about the "sort of a villain" thing. I just knew he was totally telling the truth, that he had no ill intentions, not even ones he was basically unaware of, and if you think I believed in him by that point, I really believed in him by the time Vala talked to him. It was so obvious to me at that point that everything was on the level. The way he was talking about the situation in "Prototype" (an episode I despise by the way), the way he looked at her when she said she had doubts. I actually almost could see through his eyes, and I just was thinking: How can she not believe him completely?! By the part with Woolsey, I was glad when he broke free of his restraints, and while the force he used on the guards surprised me, I realised it could have been a lot worse if he really wanted to hurt them. That was just the easiest way to stop them from restraining him again. As for Woolsey, I imagine Daniel rather enjoyed scaring him like that, but I knew he'd never really cause him any actual harm. I had nothing but confidence in my angel well before the end of the episode, and in that one scene near the very end, before he attacks the super bitch, again, it was a bit surreal, so I wasn’t sure at first why he was saying that stuff, but I knew he was merely trying to trick her somehow. The part about killing the Ancients almost made me laugh, actually. Daniel may be frustrated by the Ancients, but I am certain nothing could make him want to kill them. So, bottom line, even though I was having trouble realising what was really going on at first, I always, in my heart, believed him, and I consciously believed him rather quickly, when it really mattered, I believed him, and I am absolutely certain that if either I had not read that spoiler, or if I had actually been there, that I would have consciously accepted what was really going on from the very beginning, and I know that the way I was with this episode, no one else, even if they believed him at first, was in my position, the concern I felt for him. I know that my worry over what was really going on initially doesn't change the fact that he's my angel, and if anything, my concern merely emphasised that, wanting to help him, and yet, still knowing that if he was under some sort of influence, he'd be able to fight it. Honestly, I love him now more than when I first saw that episode. Just when I think I couldn't love him any more, I do. It's incredible. Again, he is my angel. He will always be my angel, and when it all comes down, I believed in him. When it really counted, and even at first, in my heart, I believed in him, and that's all that really matters as far as this goes.

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