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06/05/2007 - 8:09 p.m.

"The Shroud" Again/"Tao Of Rodney"/"McKay Syndrome"

I just watched "The Shroud" again. My friend Dave is over. He doesn't have cable and wanted to see it, as well as "Tao of Rodney", the latest Atlantis episode, which I'd like to talk about, actually. This season of Atlantis is so awesome. No other season yet has had me really inspired, wanting to actually talk about the episodes afterwards, but I digress. Man, you know, I really like that episode. "The Shroud", I mean. I think I might even love it. I guess it's the fact that all Daniel had to go through to get to that point, and he's still Daniel. Adria couldn't get to him. She was too stupid to try manipulating him further, though obviously that wouldn't have helped. Of course Merlin had a hand in things, but you can't deny Daniel had to stay strong for things to go the way they were meant to, and I don't think Merlin helping him would have been enough if his will was in question. It frustrates me that Vala didn't believe him. I mean, that she really thought Adria could have any real influence on Daniel. I notice he has that thing with her at the end, where he didn't just forgive her for that. Daniel doesn't hold grudges forever, well, it depends, but I think he will let this one go. That's definitely a thing with him, though. Speaking of which, I'm betting he enjoyed scaring Woolsey like that. That's one person who he definitely is still having trouble forgiving, and I can't say as I blame him.
On a different note, and speaking of another person Daniel's held a grudge with (though has now forgiven), it was cool seeing Jack again. I actually really loved the scenes with him and Daniel, even if half the time Daniel was rather frustrated because Jack was having a hard time believing him. He didn't stay angry at him, though, because in the end, Jack did believe him, at least more than Vala.

As for Atlantis, I really like all the stuff like when McKay healed Dex's scars, and when Dex hugged him later, and when he did the memorial tea ceremony with Teyla. That was pretty touching.

Oh, speaking of Mckay, I "suffer" from something I like to call “McKay Syndrome”. Basically, I like to brag in the same way he does, as far as my intelligence and such. I can't really explain, but it's a certain type of inflated ego that's rather specific in its manifestation. I also think aloud a lot, which is something else McKay does. I wonder if that's a left-brained thing. I get metaphors, and that's a right-brained thing, and there are a few other things about me that are right-brained, but for the most part, I'm definitely left-brained, and proud of it.
Oh, I also like to brag about my singing ability, which obviously McKay doesn't do, but still, I brag about it in the same as my intelligence, so, yeah. There are other things I brag about as well. I don't know if it's for the same reasons McKay brags. Oh, I will say, I certainly don't belittle people the way McKay sometimes can. He's not horrible about it, but yeah, that's not something I really do. Well, okay, I suppose I do that somewhat. My sister does a lot of things that frustrate me, she doesn't always think about things, and I guess I can give her a hard time for it. Still, though McKay isn't that bad, all things considered, I really don't think I'm even as bad as he is.

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