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04/05/2007 - 9:49 p.m.

The Shroud!

Gah! Okay, I would have gotten on here sooner, but I had to wait for my Gold membership to go through. Only those members are allowed to make entries at this time.

AHHHHHHHH Oh. My. God!!!!! I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong about "The Shroud"!!!!! Okay, not about the part where you can still see him, but about him potentially being messed up (brain-washed or some such thing). He was my angel the whole time! I so knew he wasn't lying. I mean, I wasn't sure if perhaps the super bitch had actually manipulated him in some way that he wasn't saying, and something would happen with that, but I knew he truly wanted to help them, and anything that may have temporarily prevented that would be overthrown by his strength of spirit (no sort of "pun" meant by that, I swear). Honestly, I knew in my heart that he was on the level. I mean, he was so my angel the whole time! Right. I know I said that already. It bears repeating. When he was talking to Jack, the way he was, the expressions he made, when he smiled!!! Okay, yeah, he was all, priory, but he was still beautiful because he was still my angel!!!! I mean, I don't like what the prior "look" represents, obviously, so of course I'm glad he's back. I mean, he's supposed to look the way he normally does, but I didn't mind him looking that way for a little bit since he didn't really believe what most priors represent, and I don't mind seeing him any way he looks as long as he's not in any pain or anything. Yeah, though, I'm definitely glad he's back to the way he's supposed to be. Obviously Daniel himself prefers not to be a prior. He was concerned about changing back before being able to complete his and Merlin's plan, but of course once that's out of the way, he's happy to be himself, "little ol' me", as he said. Even just for that reason I'm glad he's back, but again, because he's still himself as a prior, I don't mind watching him for the time that he is one. Oh, another thing, I can't really see his eyes as well when he's a prior, so there's that, but you can still see him in there, and in the way he acts, and all, but yeah, I prefer being able to see those blue eyes, being able to see into his eyes clearly, you know.

Yeah, I hated the part where the super bitch kissed him. I couldn't even watch it, and I felt really bad when he was getting weak, because he was worried he wouldn't be able to complete the mission and all, and when he was zatted, and Iím sure he didnít like acting like he really supported the Ori, but none of that was impossibly frustrating. Honestly, overall, "The Shroud" is my favourite episode of the second half of 10th season. Talk about irony!

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