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30/04/2007 - 10:34 p.m.

Michael on 24!/Daniel Sort Of Laughs More/Banners and Neopets/More On Details

The firs episode of "24" with Michael was on tonight (normally I don't even watch "24". I certainly don't think it's a bad show. It's just not something I can really get into)!!! I was thinking it was on the twenty third, so of course I would have missed it, but it wasn't and I didn't! His character seems rather shady, I mean, I'm guessing the fact that he's giving intelligence to the Russians is a bad thing. I don't know what the "Combatant" is, but it seems like he shouldn't have told them about it, so yeah. (Oh, off the subject of Michael's role for a bit, here: I just have to say, and I don't know where else to put it, the good people in this show are really awesome, and it is messed up that Jack can't be with Audrey. I don't know why shrinks never think that being with the one you love will help you in a crisis. That really is better than anything, even family. That was so touching when she took his hand. It made me cry. I'm angry at Audrey's dad. Obviously Jack would take good care of Audrey. It isn't really her fault she got messed up, and he's probably her best chance to get better. After Michael is off the show, I'll no longer have a majour reason to keep watching, as the only time I'll watch something that isn't SG-1, save for show Maggie watches,. and she doesn't watch "24", is when it has an SG-1 actor in it, but I am rather enjoying being mildly into this show, even if it is only temporary. Alright, sorry about that!) He's going to be on the show a lot, evidently. I'd like to see as many of those episodes as possible. Gotta give my props (not that it matters overall, since I'm not a Nielsen family, but oh well)! I try to watch ever time an SG-1 actor is on another show, or even in movies, but Michael I think I'm perhaps a little more adamant about. I mean, if it weren't for him, I wouldn't be able to see my angel!

Speaking of my angel, I meant to say in my last entry that he does laugh somewhat in other scenes besides my favourite (oh, and I decided that "Beneath the Surface" is definitely my eleventh favourite and "The First Ones" is my twelve favourite, I mean, if I just went by how much I love the scene, and not the episode overall, it would be my first favourite), but it's more of a little chuckle, not a full on laugh. He actually does this right at the end of my favourite scene, and in "Maternal Instinct", in the scene where the monk dude tells him to blow out the candle, so he just blows it out, and the monk says "with your mind", then Daniel chuckles like and asks if the monk dude could light the candle for him again. Both moments are darling, but my very favourite thing is definitely hearing him laugh full on.

In fact, I made a banner about it, and what I said in my first entry concerning his laugh:

I also made a banner having to do with the last paragraph in the entry right before this one:

Also one having to do with the fact that he's always right:

I put them all on my Neopets profile (I go by angelpixie on there, btw), along with a sound clip of Daniel saying hello, and the Stagte Command SG-1 (the guild I belong to on Neopets) banner I made:

Oh, also, if anyone read my last entry and was wondering if when I said I was in a thing with his hands that I never looked at his face during that time, well, I certainly did. It's not that once I get to where I'm thinking a lot about one part of him, I'm not looking over the rest of him as well, but I'll maybe notice the one part a bit more. Sometimes those things don't even last that long. I mean, I'll see one part of him that's beautiful and think about that, then immediately after I'll see another part of him and think about that, or I'll think about a few parts of him at a time even, and then, of course, there're his eyes. So, yeah.

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