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29/04/2007 - 6:27 p.m.

TRNT Commercial/Daniel Not Rembering/Obnoxious Can Be Endearing and Dr. Lee's Ineptitude/Last in Line/Simpsons Copying Family Guy/Details/He is Everything

I wanted to say something else about "The Road Not Taken", well, not really about the episode itself, about the commercial for it. The first couple times it ran they were saying Amanda is trapped in a parallel universe! I was like "I'm pretty sure Amanda was never trapped in a parallel universe. They realised their mistake (or a fan let alerted them to it) and now the announcer type person says Amanda, but the funny thing is they probably would have said Carter or Sam otherwise, since hardly anyone (save for Vala, evidently) calls her by her full first name. See, though, it's a good thing "Samantha" and "Amanda" have the same number of syllables, as the flow of the commercial isn't disrupted.

Speaking of parallel universes, I find it very interesting that Daniel obviously doesn't really remember the situations they went through with the quantum mirror (I may have touched on this before, but I don't think I went very far into it). It may have something to do with the way Oma went about returning his memories. Perhaps the process she used didn't take into account those situations which didn't happen in his own reality. Even what he did experience in his own reality, if it involved persons from alternate realities, would be none too clear in his mind, if he remembered them at all.

I was saying that obnoxiousness is annoying, but there is a way thatís called obnoxious which can actually be considered rather endearing as well. I think you know where I'm going with this. Yes, Daniel can actually be pretty obnoxious at times, particularly when it comes to Dr. Lee, who I feel a little bad for when this happens, but you can't deny he has shown a rather exorbitant amount of ineptitude. I mean, "miniaturisation"? Obviously it would be much for complicated to shrink cells than to shift them out of phase, as it were. That's the first thing I would have thought of. It's much more logical. It would be different, too, if he'd just made a few minor mistakes when he first started, but he's made some whopper blunders after already being well established at the base. I suppose he must have done some good, he's still there, but why is that the technology "experts" at the SGC always seem to have no idea what they're doing? Yeah, though. I think it's pretty adorable when Daniel teases Dr. Lee.

Anyway, I've noticed else about Daniel (I notice a lot of things about him, which isn't exactly surprising). There are exceptions, but for the most part, whenever SG-1 and perhaps a few other people are in a queue, Daniel is at the end. I don't know if he just likes to take his time or what, but yeah, like ninety percent of the time he's the last person walking in the queue, row, whatever.

My sister is watching "The Simpsons" You know, it may just be me, but I feel like that show is basically just copying "Family Guy" these days. I don't remember there being so many pop culture references in "The Simpsons" before "Family Guy" became popular. Even Homer and Marge are acting more like Peter and Lois. The only thing "The Simpsons" doesn't do is the "Remember that time..." thing, but overall... I mean, I don't totally care. I don't even really watch the show these days, but I did, and I remember when it actually was original, and that's the thing, it's not even very good anymore, because it doesn't do "Family Guy" jokes as well as the show which perfected them. To be sure, even if the setups were still original, I wouldn't watch the show. The only shows I watch these days (unless Maggie's out here, and even then much of the time I just listen to music and block out the television) are SG-1, Atlantis, and shows on the History channel which make me think about the fact that my angel would enjoy them as much as I do, but yeah, it's still a sad thing, even if I'm the only one who notices it, and even considering I don't really watch the show anymore regardless.

You know, I'm predominately left-brained, and I see things in a very left brained way. That is to say, when I look at a person, I see their individual features separately. I'll notice, say, a nose even more than someone who sees the whole pictures overall, but I may not notice the rest of a person's face as much as a person who sees the face as a whole. That may sound odd, but I imagine there are left brainers out there who know what I'm talking about. Persons with Asperger's also tend to see in individual detail (though like other symptoms of this "disorder", there are exceptions to the rule, my sister, for example). Of course, the majority of persons with Asperger's are left-brained, so that makes sense. I think sometimes it's even more extreme, though. I can see a person as a whole, equally, but it's not easy. I have to really think about it. In any case, my point is that I tend to get into little admiration things with various parts of Daniel's body, since I only clearly notice individual parts of him, generally, at any given time. I love every part of him, obviously, but sometimes I'll be noticing one part quite a bit, and I start just totally thinking about how wonderful it is. Along with thinking about how much I love him, how wonderful he is overall. I'll just be like "I love (i/e) his ears so much! I mean, I love every part of him, but I've just been noticing his ears a lot lately." Actually, I have gotten into that with his ears, and I want to say about that real quick, someone on the Daniel appreciation thread (who was being a bit too thunky for my taste) was saying how she'd love to bite his earlobe. She'd have a fine time trying to do that with someone who has no earlobes whatsoever (not that she'd have the chance, I mean, if she could be in his reality, I could be in his reality, so there you are), but I digress. I've gotten into a "thing" with his ears, as I've already said, his hands (those were first, actually), his upper lip of all things, his neck, his shoulders, and most recently his nose. He has the most beautiful nose ever because it's his nose. It's actually been broken. You can tell because his septum is off center. It normally wouldn't be noticeable at all, but it is on his right side, my nose is like that, actually. There may be exceptions, but most of the time if a person's septum is noticeable on one side (and it seems to me it's only possible for it to be noticeable on one side, incidentally), it probably means they broke their nose at least one time. The bridge of his nose is also crooked, as is mine. Another fair indication of a previously broken nose. His nose would be beautiful if it hadn't been broken, obviously, but it has been, so yeah. I don't know when it happened, obviously. I imagine it could have been during his many archaeological excursion, but, another possibility is, well, I imagine he was the sort of kid who got beat up a lot in early school. I mean, he's fine now, but yeah, that's definitely a possibly. That's something else I likely have in common with him, by the way. I like that his nose is crooked like mine, but if I could have stopped it, regardless of how it happened, obviously I would have, though I likely either wasn't born when it happened, or very young, too young to do anything, so I suppose the point is a bit mute, and it's just as well, as again, he's fine now. Oh, he has this sort of, it's not a line, but this sort of horizon on the tip of his nose. That sounds really odd, but oh well. I know what I'm talking about. Also, the sides of his nose sort of go in. Again, if that sounds odd, I know what I mean. As well, in profile, his nose looks slightly pointy, but front-wise it's very buttonish, if you will. Either way, his nose is beautiful. He is beautiful. Actually, the whole of him is more than beautiful. I can't emphasise enough how pathetically short mere words come to describing him. Oh, and I also meant to say that regardless of if I'm into any part of him, what I'm always noticing, possibly the most, are his eyes. They are the most incredible, you know, it's pointless to describe them. It really is. I've referred to them as limpid pools of heaven, but they're so much more amazing than that. I really can not even say. Again, he is so much more amazing than words.

You know, I wonder how many people can say they've found this, they know beyond any doubt whom they love above all else, to such a degree that in comparison, they hate everyone else, which is saying something for me, as I love most everyone quite a lot. I wonder how many people truly can pinpoint the one thing that truly matters to they above all else, past present, future, anywhere, ever. I think only others who've found their soul-mate can say that. Daniel is that for me. My love for him, how important he is to me, how important his happiness is to me. nothing else matters. He is truly everything to me. Do not even consider taking that statement lightly. Indeed, compare his importance to me, attempt to measure it against anything else, it all falls short. even to multiply everything in every universe, every time, all of it, to the highest possible mathematical numeral, and the answer will be not even a fraction of what Daniel my Daniel, is to me, the answer, in fact, may as well be negative infinity, that is, again, compared purely to my angel's importance.

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