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29/03/2007 - 7:16 p.m.

The First Time/Into the Fire and the Bitch/200 Stuff

Okay, part 1 of "Children of the Gods" was on. I have to switch it like right after when they first show Daniel. Oh, my God, though, I'm just thinking about how that was the very first time you ever see and hear him, and of course he's so beautiful even then. I don't know, I'm kinda reeling right now.

Oh, "Into the Fire" was on Tuesday. I love that episode! The one right before it, "Out of Mind" was also on. I don't like that one nearly as much. My angel is upset in it, and here again is proof that my love for him has grown. When that idiot tells Daniel that everyone he cares about is gone... God, how dare he hurt my angel like that! At any rate, the look on his face, I used to be able to watch that, even though I felt really bad, but now I have to look down. I literally can't stand seeing him upset, even for a second. Then, of course, there's the stuff with the "Super Bitch" the bitchiest, most evil, most horrible... I just want to jump through the television and kick her in the face, rip out her hair, gouge out her eyes and spit in the sockets, then cut off her arms and let her bleed to death. Hopefully the host wouldn't feel any of that. Of course, Jack killed her for me (well, not really for me, but oh well). Go Jack! I always cheer in that part. I do feel bad for the host, but she was dead anyway considering how old Hathor was. I do hope the host didn't suffer, but I love the idea that the goa’uld within suffered greatly before succumbing to the cryogenic freezing. I realise that makes me a hypocrite for agreeing with the idea that "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind", but damn it, I can't help it. something happens to me when someone hurts my angel, and she hurt him in probably the most horrible way possible. I think not even RepliCarter, all things considered, is as bad as she is.

Oh, alright, then at 9:00 p.m. "200" was on! That episode is so awesome! Oh, my God, though, that part with the Thunderbirds SG-1. When the Daniel writes on that board and then on the computer, and it's just all squiggles, and I mean, why does he even write on the computer? At any rate, that part makes me laugh so hard I can hardly breathe! I'll think it's not going to make me laugh that much the next time and it always does. I laugh just thinking about it! I like when they show when Jack became invisible. We never got to see that. Oh, my gosh, the part where Daniel's apparently determining the most important thing in the universe (hehe), I'm thinking he just said that to see if Jack was paying attention. Yeah, though, I'm like thinking, okay, you're the most important thing in the universe, sweetie! If those calculations really were determining that, and they didn't equal "Daniel Jackson", then bless him, but he messed up somewhere. ^_*

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